Celebrities Quit Twitter and Facebook for Charity

Celebrities Quit Twitter and Facebook for Charity

Alicia Keys decided to break with the careless attitude of celebrities and the world in general towards children in need from all over the world. Her project named Keep a Child Alive aims to raise $1 million at least to the needy families who were struck by the burden of HIV/Aids in India and also Africa.

The main objective is to collect the sum from people who are eager to donate a smaller or more generous sum for charity. Alicia Keys claimed to BBC that: “This is such a direct and instantly emotional way and a little sarcastic, you know, of a way to get people to pay attention.” .Additionally the co-founder of the project, Leigh Blake also stated that “We’re trying to sort of make the remark: ‘Why do we care so much about the death of one celebrity as opposed to millions and millions of people dying in the place that we’re all from?’” Celebrities Quit Twitter and Facebook for Charity

The stars who decided to join the project include: Kim and also Khloe Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, Serena Williams, Usher, Elijah Wood, Alica Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz, Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest as well as the most popular celeb of our time Lady Gaga who decided to say goodbye to no less than 7.2 million fans.

Indeed it’s no secret organizers wait a real miracle especially from the tremendous number of fans of Lady Gaga.

The campaign will start on December 1st on the International Day of AIDS. The complete campaign will include last tweets and testaments showing the celebrities in various videos portraying them in coffins until the sum is collected.

The name of the campaign is revealing : “Digital Life Sacrifice” and various video and audio materials will be created to encourage people to make their donation. The means you can send your sum to help this fund is by text messages.

This time microblogging or more specifically the lack of it will prove to be the best means to help victims of AIDS from India and Africa. You can find out other precious details about the complete project on www.keepachildalive.org

Celebrities Quit Twitter and Facebook for Charity

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