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Celebrities Resurrect from Digital Death

Celebrities Resurrect from Digital Death

It seems that celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and many more others who gave up their digital life] (twitter, facebook, and any other social networking account) until people would donate $1 million for charity, the Keep a Child Alive charity have resurrected from digital death. The charity fund is meant to help combat AIDS/HIV in countries such as Africa and India.

It is absolutely a wonderful thing that celebrities get themselves involved in charity work as they can help raise funds faster, this way helping save more lives. Celebrities went dead on their social networking accounts on November 30 so it didn’t take too long for people to help raise the $1 million sum.

Celebrities Resurrect from Digital Deathbuylife.org

Celebrities Resurrect from Digital Death

The Digital Death campaign has quickly raised half of the sum in the first week but the 1 million dollars sum was rounded up through a donation made from just one person. It seems that the person who helped celebrities resurrect from digital death by donating $500 000 to the Keep a Child Alive charity is billionaire Stewart Rahr. The donation has helped celebrities reach the target set and so they have returned to thank everyone who supported and donated money for charity on their social networking accounts.

It is absolutely amazing how much difference people can make by donating even a small amount of money. You can keep donating to the Digital Death campaign and make a difference by buying life. Money can help people stay alive so follow the example of people all over the world who donated for to save a life.

Source: tmz.com

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