Christy Turlington Covers Natural Health June 2020 Issue

Christy Turlington Covers Natural Health June 2020 Issue

She amazed the world with her natural beauty and humanitarian interests and now, former model Christy Turlington amazes her fans once again this time by showing off her fab physique on the cover of Natural Health, the magazine’s June 2020 issue. The former face of Calvin Klein would put women half her age to shame as the 43 year old looks flawless and exudes youthfulness.

Showing off the talent that landed her numerous important modelling gigs with some of the most reputable brands in the fashion and beauty industry, Ms. Turlington poses with an incredible naturalness for the camera lens of Grace Huang for Natural Health. The 43 year old hottie, who is gearing-up for the debut of the HBO Documentary ‘About Face’, also found the time to sit down for a quick chat with the magazine where she revealed her view on balancing work and parenting, her organization Every Mother Counts, the experience of running a marathon and more, so here’s a sneak-peek at what Ms. Turlington had to say. As far as balancing a career with parenting goes, Ms. Turlington, a mother of two, says that:

“The word balance is so overused. It’s more about integration. You’re not just a mom or a wife or a professional person. You’re all those things. The word balance depicts a constant give-and-take. But, in my experience as a working mom, all those roles really have to live together at the same time.”

Christy Turlington Covers Natural Health June 2020 Issue Christy Turlington Covers Natural Health June 2020 Issue

Christy Turlington underlined her interest on health and not only by getting involved with various humanitarian organizations, including launching the Every Mother Counts organization to help increase education on maternal and child health and she says about the organization’s goals that:

“I see our organization as a way to get everyday people involved. The conversation around the topic of maternal and child health has been a very insulated community conversation for many years. I hope that Every Mother Counts will invite and initiate a more public dialogue to help resolve these issues.”

Christy Turlington Covers Natural Health June 2020 Issue

As far as running a marathon and how she managed to prepare for such an intense physical act, the model tells Natural Health that:

“Running a marathon was a reaffirmation of what I can handle. Natural childbirth taught me that I could really do anything. In retrospect, giving birth naturally was the best preparation for a marathon. As physical acts, they are very like one another. It’s nice to check in with yourself every now and again to see how far you can push yourself.”

Find out more about Christy Turlington by reading her full interview and checking out her complete spread in the June 2020 issue of Natural Health. Photos courtesy of Natural Health