9 Beautiful Pot Neck Blouse Designs for Designer Sarees

Pot neck blouses differ from full open back to a simple small pot shape formed on the back. Mostly tied with a string or a knot on the back of the neck, the pot neck pattern holds the blouse tight to the body. Designers make incredible designs with a simple idea of making pot neck patterns with a twist of minor changes and make distinct blouse patterns. Pot neck blouses are generally tied with hooks on the top or long strings that are embellished with hangings at the end.

Latest and Trendy Pot Neck Blouse Designs with Images:

Here is a list of 9 simple designer blouses with pot neck.

1. Pot Neck Mirror Work Blouse:

Pot Neck Blouse

A pot neck blouse with mirror work embellished on the borders of the design enhances the blouse design. The cuts and borders make a dynamic look to your back. A dark colour blouse will definitely rule your look.

2. Double Hook Pot Neck Pattern Blouse:

Double Hook Pot Neck Pattern Blouse

Pot neck saree blouse design can slightly differ with simple changes too. A delightful idea of pinning the blouse with two hooks, one on the top and the other bellow give a unique and distinct look. Embellished small diamonds on the blouse makes the blouse look more fantastic.

3. Laced Border Pot Neck Blouse:

Laced Border Pot Neck Blouse

Pot neck saree blouse designs look amazing and outstanding with lacing on the border of the pot neck pattern. A checkered lace or any designer lace can be bordered on the blouse to give a highlight to the pattern.

4. High Neck Pot Pattern Blouse:

High Neck Pot Pattern Blouse

Closed or high neck even widely known as Chinese neck these days are well designed with pot neck on the back of the blouses. The pot-shaped blouse design is decorated with diamond studding or lace bordering. Dark colour blouses indeed play an important part in the pattern to look more amazing.

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5. Butta Embellished Golden Pot Neck Blouse:

Butta Embellished Golden Pot Neck Blouse 5

Small buttas of three diamonds or three golden pearls are studded all over the blouse. A rich silk blouse with a pot neck back saree blouse pattern looks stunning. Ties with a dori/string the back resemble like a backless designer blouse.

6. Cap Sleeve Pot Neck Blouse:

Cap Sleeve Pot Neck Blouse

A cap sleeve blouse with a designer pot neck pattern looks incredible amazing when the bottom part is made with a single broad lace and the remaining part with the simple thin lace making a flat bottom pot neck designer blouse.

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7. A Halter Neck Pot Back Neck Blouse:

A Halter Neck Pot Back Neck Blouse

A pot neck blouse with halter front neck design can be marvellous worn with a matching saree. A halter neck and a pot neck at the back is a designer piece that differs from the front as well as the back. Tied with strings on the top the blouse can remain fit to the body.

8. A Flat Bottom Pot Neck Blouse:

A Flat Bottom Pot Neck Blouse

A designer blouse with full embroidered material though light in shade can look fantastic on women with a nice figure. A half sleeve with the pot neck on the back of the blouse is an elegant design one can wear in small functions.

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9. Full Embroidered Pot Neck Blouse:

Full Embroidered Pot Neck Blouse

An embroidered blouse with pot neck design on the back can be more effective when a designer blouse is worn with simple plain one colour saree. The beauty of the pot neck on the back enhances more with a simple saree.

Pot neck blouses form a beautiful design on the back of the blouses. Women wanting to have open back with a designer style in it. pot neck blouses suit the best of their demand. The borders of the pot neck pattern can be embellished with different artwork. On the most traditional occasions, women are seen in pot neck blouse designs that looks incredible on the. The embroidery work or mirror work, butta work or lacework makes the pot neck design more elegant and attractive.