9 Royal Pink Diamond Jewellery Designs in Rings

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, is a very famous saying. Pink Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend but a very luxurious one. They are very scarce and this makes them a collector’s item since they are highly valuable. A pink diamond can cost more than 20 times that of a white diamond. Pink diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond mine. This is located in Kimberly region of Australia. This is the world’s only commercial source for natural pink diamonds.

Different Types of Rings with Pink Colour Diamonds:

Pink diamond rings are most favorable item in wedding and engagement location. Here we share some best pink diamond ring designs for men and women.

1. Pear Shaped Pink Diamond Ring:

pink diamond rings

This Pear shaped pink diamond ring was sold for $18 million at Christie’s to an Asian collector. The stone weighs 9.14 carats and is graded fancy vivid pink. The lovely pear shape of this diamond sits beautifully in the ring providing elegance.

2. Oval Pink Diamond Engagement Ring:

Oval Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful engagement ring is Oval in shape. There are white diamonds in a curve shaped setting of platinum. It holds a beautiful 5-carat oval-cut fancy brown pink diamond.

3. Pink Diamond Wedding Ring:

Pink Diamond Wedding Ring

Before you say “I Do”, take a look at this unique pink diamond wedding ring that will surely win you points. It is exclusive and is a Fancy Pink and Collection color round brilliant pave diamond set wedding band in 18K rose and white gold.

4. Round Diamond Pink Ring:

Round Diamond Pink Ring

This is a unique pink and white diamond ring. The round-cut 1/3-carat pink diamond shines in a round frame of 12 round-cut white diamonds. There are 72 white diamond side stones surrounding the band. This brings a most spectacular effect. These diamonds are set in 14-karat yellow gold band this adds to its beauty.

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5. Black Gold with Pink Diamond:

Black Gold with Pink Diamond

Here’s a great twist to the normal diamond rings. Try Black gold with Pink Diamonds! Beautiful and lustrous, this engagement ring features a big, 1 1/10ct cushion cut pink sapphire on a 1 ct diamond setting. It is set in 18k black rhodium-plated gold and that adds to its richness.

6. Daisy Ring with Pink Diamond:

Daisy Ring with Pink Diamond

Tiffany is one of the most luxurious places to shop for diamonds and this ring with pink diamond is the most beautiful one. It is a daisy shape ring in platinum and 18k rose gold with round brilliant pink and white diamonds.

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7. Heart Shaped Pink Diamond Rings:

Heart shaped Pink Diamond Ring

This heart shaped diamond ring is perfectly framed by a group of pink and white diamonds. This is a Heart Shaped Pink Diamond ring with awesome beauty and elegance that will be a perfect surprise while you pop the question to your loved one. The heart shape adds to the perfect occasion.

8. Pink Eternity Band:

Pink Eternity Band

This is round cut Pink diamond eternity/wedding band with carat weight 0.03. It is set in a shared claw with 18K gold. It can be worn all by itself or with other stack able bands.

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9. Pink Diamond Combo Ring:

Pink Diamond Combo Ring

If you want both an engagement and wedding band then this is the perfect gift. This is Fancy Light Pink diamond engagement and wedding ring set. The diamonds are natural Fancy Light Pink in round shape, with a basket prong style.

Diamonds have been a part of a women’s jewelry collection since time immemorial. Pink diamonds add an extra oomph to this collection and make the lady more exquisite. Because of its rarity, it adds that much more allure to the person wearing it. If you can afford a pink diamond then the best way is to buy a pink diamond ring.

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