9 Stylish Looking Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings are a thing of beauty. They are unique and stylish. Each of these styles was once worn by someone who was in love and that makes these rings high in demand. There are several types of designs that come under the antique section and each of them is explained here. So you can choose the best for your loved one from this exquisite collection of antique style engagement rings.

Antique Style Engagement Rings in Gold and Diamond:

1. Antique Georgian Engagement Ring:

antique engagement rings

These timeless pieces of art are created with delicate designs that were inspired by the Grecian era. This ring will be a cherished for a long time and careful planning is required to choose just the right one. This will specially appeal to those who are into the old charm effects. They are great antique diamond engagement rings.

2. Victorian Antique Engagement Ring:

Victorian Antique Engagement Ring

The times of the queens are one of the most exotic ones and every fairy tale depicts a princess or queen. Every girl dreams of a special fairy tale in her life too. You can make this her best fairy tale day by presenting her a Victorian engagement ring that is an antique looking engagement ring.

3. Edwardian Antique Engagement Ring in Silver:

Edwardian Antique Engagement Ring

These are really special rings that have a light look. Platinum was used for the very first time during this era. They have filigree work etched on the rings and this gives it a very intricate look. These are perfect for your loved one if she loves delicate art work.

4. Art Nouveau Antique Ring:

Art Nouveau Antique Ring

Flowing lines are the most natural looking designs that are incorporated in these ring designs. They are therefore the most popular among the vintage antique engagement rings. The natural theme of these beautiful rings makes it most appealing to all the brides to be.

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5. Antique Art Deco Ring:

Antique Art Deco Ring

Art deco is symbolized by geometric designs. These styles are etched in the rings to lend it a very trendy style and something that is even used and loved today. It gives the ring a modern look and a sense of feminism. These include antique gold engagement rings.

6. Retro Antique Engagement Ring:

Retro Antique Engagement Ring

The retro look is vintage and at the same time modern. The materials used and the metal and style are from the 1940s and this reflects in the rings that are created. Even though they are antique, the look is wonderful and classy.

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7. Antique Gold Engagement Ring in Rose:

antique gold engagement ring in rose

Rose gold antique engagement rings are beautiful rings that uses rose gold metal. The color of these rings provides a luminescence that is unique and charming.Rose gold is very feminine and so this appeals to most women.

8. Old Miners Cut Antique Ring:

Old Miners Cut Antique Ring

These are precious rings for the die hard vintage fan. They are one of a kind and have a unique style. They are very valuable because they are hard to find. They are like a collector’s item and so they are most unique.

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9. Old European Antique Ring:

Old European Antique Ring -9

These rings have a cut that has a round girdle. They appear round from the top. They have facets that are triangular blocks. Try out these styles for a lovely old world charm.

Antique engagement rings were fashionable many years ago and they are now making a comeback in a big way. They have a timeless feel to them and that is also the reason why they are most sought after. These engagement rings make the most beautiful collection and is the therefore the ideal choice to make your engagement day most memorable.