CK Calvin Klein Changes Its Name

CK Calvin Klein Changes Its Name

Bye bye CK! Welcome Calvin Klein! Yes, the renowned brand changes its name losing the CK and remaining simply Calvin Klein on a platinum label. The rebranding of the label’s bridge apparel and accessories for men and women is said to be a strategy to unify and therefore to further strengthen global growth of the Calvin Klein brand. The distribution of the line is focused on Europe and Asia. The process is set to began this fall with jewelry and watches.

“I believe that this rebranding, and the efforts we are taking to enhance our own bridge apparel and accessory offering, will benefit the brand image and result in the enhancement and expansion of the Calvin Klein lifestyle,” Tom Murry, CEO of Calvin Klein explained Women’s Wear Daily.

However, it seems that the rebranding will not change the house’s creative directors. So, Kevin Carrigan will remain creative director for the bridge apparel. He is also the Calvin Klein brands’ Global Creative Director. Ulrich Grimm will continue to design handbags and small leather goods for the brand.

CK Calvin Klein Changes Its NameCK Calvin Klein Changes Its Name

But how will the change of its name affect the brand? Well, the house will have three collections. First, there is the main Calvin Klein Collection that remains the same. Then, there will be the Calvin Klein platinum label, a “bridge” tier for sportswear and accessories that will be characterized by modern silhouettes in innovative fabrics and forward-thinking color palettes. Last, the Calvin Klein white label, the “base” tier of sportswear and accessories, that also includes Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear. The products in this line are known as being timeless, modern classics that are effortless, fashionable, and pocket-friendly.

Since each Calvin Klein brand will have a distinct marketing identity and position, there will also be different brand advertising, channels of distribution, and product design.

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