Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military Trend

Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military Trend

Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military Trend

This season, everything is about military chic. In fact, “chic” is the word describing almost all fashion trends for fall/winter 2020-2020. As for the military color scale, there is one that stands out among all the others: khaki. Fatigues, heavy boots, military jackets are some of the key elements of this season’s army style. Influences of the 20th century uniforms can be observed. Coats and jackets have strongly emphasized shoulders, with big functional or decorative buttons, military overalls and cargo pants, caps and boots, and a lot of khaki.

As we have seen, this season, khaki is everywhere, replacing the maroon that was frequently seen on the catwalks in the past seasons. Everybody should be happy for the success of khaki over maroon, as this is one color that flatters blondes, brunettes, and redheads too. Military chic, with khaki as dominant color, can be seen in the Burberry Prorsum collection that sweetens the looks a little bit matching military jackets with lace dresses. Besides khaki, Burberry Prorsum proposes bolder colors, such as blue neon and green, for their military jackets. At Marc Jacobs, the military jacket is shorter and buttoned up for a more masculine look.

Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military TrendBurberry ProrsumFall/Winter 2020-2020 Military TrendMarc by Marc Jacobs

Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military Trend Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military Trend

Besides the famous khaki that seems to be everywhere this season especially when it comes to military trend, there is another famous color: gray. At MaxMara, the military trend is highly represented by the wide belt that was a big trend a few years ago. The collection, which has been based on the eighties swing-coated military figures, is rich in gray military jackets that seem to draw their inspiration from the Russian armies. Wide, kasatchok pants tucked into leather knee boots represented a surprising element in the MaxMara runway show.

Military trend extended a little bit for fall/winter 2020-2020, entering into the aviator area through leather jackets with fur collars, leather pants, and specific accessories. And, if there is one essential item to keep in mind for this season is the aviator jacket inspired by the aviators of the Second World War. Back in 1990 the aviator jacket was so famous, but now it’s back again for fall/winter 2020/2020. We have seen it at Burberry Prorsum worn with very feminine and sexy dresses and thigh high boots. An interesting military interpretation could also be seen at the Chanel fall RTW collection.

Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military TrendMaxMaraFall/Winter 2020-2020 Military TrendMaxMara

Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military TrendBurberry ProrsumFall/Winter 2020-2020 Military TrendChanel

When it comes to colors specific to the military trends, the palette is not that wide. We have a lot of khaki, but also maroon and green. In fact, these are the predominant colors that better describe this style. However, we shouldn’t forget about gray and beige. Moreover, white can totally rock if you introduce a white piece into your army look as this will only sweeten your appearance. At Dries Van Noten, military means washed-out fabrics with shapes that strongly emphasizes femininity.

We all know that the military trend is not a too feminine one, able to enhance and express elegance and sexiness. This is why, we need to be creative and test our imagination by choosing the right accessories. Everything stands in our capacity of balancing our tough military look with a pair of high-heeled shoes, or a pair of the so famous and ultra-feminine thigh-high boots. If you choose to wear a military jacket or an aviator one, you can feminize your look going for a pair of tight-fitting pants in order to reveal your feminine shapes, or, why not, a dress or a skirt. In the Etro collection, jackets were matched with breezy pants and great, feminine jewelry.

Fall/Winter 2020-2020 Military TrendDries Van NotenFall/Winter 2020-2020 Military TrendEtro

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