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Fashion Icon Sienna Miller

Fashion Icon Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller – The Brit Girl

Over the past year or so, Sienna Miller’s style-not to mention her personal life-has undergone WMD-grade scrutiny. So what’s a world famous fashionista to do? It seems that the Casanova star ascribes to every chic actress’s favorite maxim: looking good is the best revenge, looking great is even better. Miller has emerged from her time of troubles with a sleek new shorter ‘do and an even sleeker figure.

Every suburban mall-goer may be emulating her signature boho chic look of skinny jeans, flowing tops, and long locks, but, like a true trendsetter, Miller has already switched style lanes and left the wannabes in the dust.

Fashion Icon Sienna MillerFashion Icon Sienna Miller

Her recent red carpet turn at the American Film Institute’s closing night gala swapped the ubiquitous haute hippie pairing of ’70s boots and beat-up denim in favor of sky-high sex kitten heels and a poured on strapless black body-suit worthy of another British fashion icon, The Avenger’s Emma Peel.

She may be persona non grata among the citizens of Pittsburgh, but the fashion aristocracy remains charmed by Sienna Miller’s ever-morphing sense of style.

Fashion Icon Sienna Miller

Having turned the world on with her free-flowing brand of boho chic (she’s among the key culprits behind everybody and their mother now wearing tunic tops and tucking their jeans into boots), Miller has of late gone seriously method for her role as Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl, chopping her locks and going mad for mod. Perhaps not coincidentally, designers have followed suit, with swinging ’60s silhouettes and Op-Art prints dominating runways from New York to Milan.

Of course, by the time the rest of us catch up, Miller will likely be on to her next fashion incarnation, with the ever-vigilant trendpotting hordes sure to be staking out a front-row seat.

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