Manish Arora is Paco Rabanne’s Creative Director

Manish Arora is Paco Rabanne’s Creative Director

Things change rapidly in the fashion world and this is actually a good thing as fashion is supposed to always reinvent itself and bring new things to the “table”, so that the interest towards fashion is constantly high. One of the latest changes when it comes to the fashion world is given by the Paco Rabanne brand, which has confirmed that Manish Arora is Paco Rabanne’s creative director.

There have been rumors circulating that Paco Rabanne is considering to bring Manish Arora to join their team and these rumors have just been confirmed. We can’t help but wonder if Manish Arora maintains the same style that Paco Rabanne has gotten us used to or if he is going to put his colorful signature onto the new designs. Manish Arora is Paco Rabanne’s Creative Director

Manish Arora is an internationally known Indian fashion designer who has managed to give fashion designs a whole new meaning through interesting and uber-colorful designs which celebrities with an attitude such as Nicky Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and many others seem to love. Color and innovation are a definite trademark for Manish Arora and we absolutely love his work. With an almost artistic approach, this fashion guru manages to make each and every fashion piece stand out and attract attention, which is definitely what fashion should do; underline the style and beauty of an outfit.

The Paco Rabanne fashion house was best known for creating innovative designs, so they are trying to go back to the roots. This is where Manish Arora seems to come in, as he is known for his talent of giving materials a new meaning through the construction process.

Vincent Thilloy, the vice president of Puig, who is overseeing the Paco Rabanne label, said: “I think people are looking for brands with great heritage; and stories to tell. It’s a perfect time to come back.”

Manish Arora is Paco Rabanne’s Creative DirectorNicki Minaj in Manish Arora at 2020 AMAManish Arora is Paco Rabanne’s Creative DirectorManish Arora dress SS 2020 RTW collection

Manish Aurora’s job is to make the brand thrilling again and perfect for the new generation, but according to Manish this will not be easy, and we wouldn’t have expected it to be. Manish said:

“It’s very easy to use unorthodox materials, but not to do it with this kind of workmanship.”

The first fashion collection crated under the direction of Manish Arora for Paco Rabanne will be revealed in October at the Paris Fashion Week, which will feature the new fashion collections created for the spring 2020 season. This collection will probably be a blast, so we can’t wait to view the results of the collaboration!

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