Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

Before making it big, most sunglasses entered pop culture with the help of celebrities in order to achieve an iconic status. From the cool cat-eye glasses of the ‘50s and ‘60s to Kanye West’s shutter shades, these sunglasses make a huge style statement.

See the most iconic sunglasses, cool designs that have mainstream appeal while still being the perfect accessory for a more quirky look. Choose your favorite and make a big style statement this summer with the shades that perfectly suit your style.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

While cat-eye shades were embraced by many stylish celebrities, including Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, it’s Marilyn Monroe who really ushered them into the mainstream and helped them reach an iconic status. 

Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

They’re definitely the most feminine sunglasses and they bring both sophistication and a lot of personality to your style.

Round Sunglasses

Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

John Lennon loved them and with the help of the singer, round shades became one of the most iconic sunglasses. With slim frames and perfectly round lenses, these simple sunglasses reached their cult status in the late ‘70s, but they came back in the past decade once they became a style staple thanks to Ozzy Osbourne.


Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

Designed in 1936 by Ray-Ban to help pilots protects their eyes from the strong sunlight, aviator sunglasses first became popular in the ‘60s, but truly became a must have in the ‘80s, once they were worn by Tom Cruise in the movie “Top Gun”. They’re still some of the coolest sunglasses around and you can either go for the classic look or for updated versions with a modern edge.

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

Worn by the titular character in the 1962 movie “Lolita”, heart-shaped shades are definitely among the most iconic sunglasses, and almost every little girl tries a pair sooner or later. While the seductive subtext of these innocent shades has been forgotten, heart-shaped sunglasses are still one of the most influential designs in the industry.

Square White Sunglasses

Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

From French singer Françoise Hardy to Elton John, square white sunglasses were a truly edgy look in the ‘70s. Whether regular or oversized, white sunglasses with square lenses still retain a lot of the stylish appeal of the originals. If you’re thinking of rocking them outside of a costume party, go for a smaller version with chunky frames.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

Wayfarers quickly became one of the most iconic sunglasses after Audrey Hepburn wore them in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”, but they also made a big comeback in the ‘80s with the help of the Blues Brothers, who wore them day and night. Mixing vintage appeal with modern trends is effortless when you’re sporting a pair of wayfarers.

Oversized Round Sunglasses

Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

After becoming trendy in the ‘60s thanks to style icons like Twiggy, oversized sunglasses with round lenses kept coming back in order to cement their iconic status. Jackie Kennedy Onassis turned them into a sophisticated accessory, while Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain deconstructed them into an ironic statement in the early ‘90s, but still looked amazing while wearing them.

Semi-Rimless Sports Sunglasses

With their ergonomic design, semi-rimless sports sunglasses are less than elegant, but they’re definitely one of the most iconic sunglasses. These sporty shades were created for runners and cyclists, but quickly went mainstream thanks to their sporty appeal. If you want the iconic look for semi-rimless shades, stick to black frames avoid colorful mirror lenses.

Frameless Sunglasses

Completely frameless sunglasses have reached an iconic status along with U2 frontman Bono, who’s rarely seen without his signature shades. While the single lens doesn’t allow much room for embellishments in the front, but you can still go for a trendy look with more detailing at the temples.

Shutter Shades

Kanye West helped turned the Shutter Shades into one of the most iconic sunglasses of all time. Even though they were first invented in the ‘50s, shutter sunglasses only became popular after the artist and style icon made them a part of his cool style.

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