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What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview

Going for a job interview can be pretty nerve wracking for most people. At a job interview you will be judged by your skills and knowledge, but also by the way you present yourself. So, in order to make a good first impression you should be careful when you choose your outfit.

A job interview is a formal occasion which imposes a certain type of outfit to be worn. Obviously that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t wear your clothes with style. All that needs to be done is to avoid wearing certain clothes that are improper for formal wear.

You can choose to wear a nice suit, a suit that is not too colorful or has the skirt too short. Black and navy colors are the most suitable colors for formal occasions. You can choose to wear a pencil skirt with a white blouse, a pair of nice shoes and cute handbag. Accessorize our outfit with a necklace that matches your skirt color. Make sure the skirt is either knee length or just slightly over the knee, so you won’t end up looking sleazy.

If a skirt doesn’t suit your body type or you just don’t like wearing skirts you could opt for a pair of pants worn with a white blouse. Make sure the blouse doesn’t have too much cleavage. Wear your hair simple, not too sophisticated in order to match the style of outfit. You can go for simple straight loose hair or you can pull your hair into a ponytail or a bun.

What to Wear to a Job Interview What to Wear to a Job Interview

Be careful when it comes to shoes to choose right. Wear something comfortable but formal. Avoid wearing sneakers, ballet shoes, flip flops or very high heels. Wear shoes that have a little bit of heel in order to to make you appear more elegant. They will offer you a good posture while still making you feel comfortable. Make sure that your clothes as well as your shoes are looking impeccable.

Wear your make-up subtle, appropriate for day wear. Just stick to light foundation, eye pencil, mascara and a sheer lip gloss and you will look perfect. Apply a little bit of subtle perfume, fruity, fresh or floral scents, not too heavy for day wea. All you need left is confidence and you will do great.

What to Wear to a Job Interview What to Wear to a Job Interview What to Wear to a Job Interview

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