20 Science Proven Benefits Of Blueberries For Health, Hair & Skin

The cultivation of Blueberries had not been discovered until the 20th century. Before that, this North American native fruit was only available in the jungles and forests. This small yet useful fruit can deliver many health benefits, some of the benefits of blueberries are: improve your heart health, skin health, blood pressure, cancer prevention, diabetes, and mental health too!

It is also used as a tastemaker in jellies, jams, flavoured food, toppings of cakes, puddings, yoghurt, etc. A beautiful amalgamation of sweet and sour, blueberries are a healthy treat which comes with equally good taste too!

Scientific Name Of Blueberry: Vaccinium Cyanococcus

Amazing Benefits Of Blueberries For Skin, Hair & Health

History Of Blueberries:

Blueberries originated in North America widely and then spread in parts of Europe and Asia as they were started being cultivated. Before being recognized, they were only found in the wild.

Blueberries are closely related to cranberries. Other species in the blueberry family include cowberry, huckleberry farkleberry, sparkleberry, etc. Blueberries were widely consumed before Europeans reached native America and from then, the spread of blueberries all over the world took place.

What Is Blueberry?

Blueberries are small sweet blue-ish purple fruits which originally grew in North America. Can be consumed directly as fruits or as substituent forms like jams, jellies, etc, too.

Types Of Blueberries:

There are broadly four types of blueberries: Highbush, Lowbush, Hybrid Half-high, Rabbiteye.

1. Highbush: The most common planted blueberries are highbush blueberries. This variety of blueberry can be further divided into two categories, northern highbush blueberries and southern highbush blueberries.

  • Northern Highbush: Northern highbush blueberries mostly grow in eastern and northeastern parts of America. They need the highest amount of pruning. Few different kinds of northern highbush blueberries include Bluegold, Blueray, Bluecrop, Elliot, Jersey, Legacy, Duke, Dardyblue, Rubel and Patriot.
  • Southern Highbush: This variety of blueberries mostly grow during the winter season because they need the chilling weather to blossom and ripen. Few different kinds of southern highbush blueberries include Misty, Oneal, Golf coast, Ozarkblue, Sharpblue, Sunshine blue.

2. Lowbush: Lowbush blueberries are lower in height than highbush blueberries. This particular type of blueberry needs pruning. Ruby carpet and Top hat are two types of lowbush blueberries.

3. Half-high Blueberries: half-high blueberries are a cross between northern highbush blueberries and lowbush blueberries. These grow to a mid-range size and can bare a lot higher temperature. Few examples of these blueberries are bluegill, Northland, north country, friendship, Polaris, patriot.

4. Rabbiteye Blueberries: The type of blueberries which were mostly designed to grow in the southern parts of America and could withstand a very high amount of temperature. This type of blueberry includes Climax, Powderblue, Brightwell, Premier, Tifblue.

Is Blueberry Good for Health?

Yes. Blueberries are good for health because those are rich in many nutrients like vitamins K, C, B6, Calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, proteins, fats and fibre etc. There are a lot of health benefits of eating blueberries on a regular/daily/ required basis.

Blueberries Nutrition Facts:

One Cup Of Fresh Blueberries Contains:

  • 84 calories
  • 0 g of cholesterol
  • 1.1 g of protein
  • 0.49 g of fat
  • 21.45 g of carbohydrate
  • 3.6 g of dietary fibre
  • 14.74 g of total sugars
  • 24 % of daily vitamin C
  • 5 % of daily vitamin B6
  • 36 % of daily vitamin K
  • 9 milligrams (mg) calcium
  • 0.41 mg of iron
  • 114 mg of potassium
  • 9 mg of magnesium
  • 18 mg of phosphorus
  • 1 mg of sodium
  • 0.24 mg of zinc
  • 9 mg of folate

Importance Of Blueberries:

  • Blueberries Keep You Sharp: Blueberries help in keeping your memory sharp and remembering things better. It also helps in improving your daily stamina.
  • Blueberries Keep A Check On Your Health: Blueberries are effective in keeping your digestive system work progressively.
  • Blueberries Keep Your Skin Good: Blueberries are very effective when it comes to skincare and glowing skin. It acts as an anti-ageing formula.
  • Hair Care: Blueberries help in maintaining good hair volume and gives a shiny effect.
  • Blueberries Keep Your Bones Healthy: Research has proved that blueberries keep your bones strong and tough.
  • Blueberries Are Brilliant In Taste: It acts as a brilliant taste enhancer and can be used as a side dish in many aspects. Can be substituted as jams, jellies, pickles, etc.

Best Benefits Of Blueberries For Skin, Hair & Health:

Here we enlisted 20 impressive benefits of blueberries for skin, hair and health. Let’s have a look into them.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

Health Benefits Of Blueberries:

Here you get 12 Top Health Benefits of Blueberries with How To Consume Process.

1. Treats Diabetes:

Research has proved that in the past few decades, diabetes turned out to be such a kind of a disease that 1 out of 3 men started developing symptoms of it. A person could either have high blood sugar content level, or low blood sugar content level and completely eradicating it has failed 99% of the time.

How To Consume:

  • However, the intake of three servings a week of apples, raisins, blueberries and grapes can effectively decrease the level of excess blood sugar.

2. Reduces Cholesterol Levels:

A high amount of cholesterol level has been developing in most of the people we see around us. It isn’t any more new to get the news that a family member recently developed high cholesterol amount in their blood, because it has become that common. But at the same time, we shouldn’t carelessly take this because it is equally alarming and harmful to our health. Blueberries have proved to be a useful remedy for cholesterol.

How To Consume:

  • A healthy intake of blueberry juice twice a week will help you keep a check on your cholesterol level!

3. Prevent Cancer:

Blueberries have different phytonutrients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. These are the different types of effective nutrients which helps prevent the formation of cancerous cells in body parts such as the lungs, oesophagus, colon, mouth, pancreas, etc. Blueberries also contain folate which helps in DNA synthesis and can prevent mutation of it.

4. Improve Heart Health:

Blueberries are very effective when it comes to the improvement of heart health. The fibre content in blueberries reduces heart diseases by reducing the cholesterol content in the blood.

Blueberries also have enough amount of phytonutrients and Vitamin B6, Vitamin B, Folate, Potassium, etc. which keeps a check on the blood sugar level and cholesterol level in the blood, further keeping the heart safe from attacks.

How To Consume:

  • Consumption of blueberry twice or thrice weekly is enough for a full-grown man.

5. Improve Brain Health:

Consumption of blueberries on a regular basis from time to time will help in the reduction of short-term memory loss in older people. Blueberries help in sharpening the memory and thought processes. Blueberries are also effective in reducing the cognitive decline of brain health in women.

How To Consume:

  • It is advisable to consume blueberry fruits or drink blueberry juice.

6. Blueberry Advantages For Digestion:

Blueberries are famous for having the amount of fibre in them which acts as a prevention of digestive problems. Fibres and roughage help in the control of loose motion and maintain a healthy digestive system. It also increases the process of digestion and helps in recovery of digestive problems.

How To Consume:

  • It is advisable for people suffering from digestive problems to consume blueberry as a fibre supplement on a weekly basis to keep their digestive system clean.

7. Maintain Healthy Bones:

Blueberries have iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, Vitamin K, and each of these help in maintaining bone structure and strength. Consuming enough amount of blueberries can help in preventing teeth damage, weak bones, etc.

How To Consume:

  • One should eat 7-8 solid pieces of blueberries once in two/three days to prevent bone damage.

8. Blueberry Uses for Weight Loss:

Dietary fibre helps in the reduction of unnecessary weight and blueberries have enough amount of fibre content. It also helps one to keep himself full and excess hunger in odd times won’t cause a problem if he/she has enough amount of blueberry added to the diet.

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9. Maintaining Blood Pressure Level:

Adequate intake of potassium, calcium, and magnesium can have a check on the blood pressure level. Blueberries have all the mentioned minerals in them and hence can be an effective way of maintaining the blood pressure level.

How To Consume:

  • Research had proved that blueberry consumption for 6 weeks continuously did not affect the blood pressure level.

10. Soothe Inflammation:

Antioxidants can be effective in decreasing inflammation in the body and control the growth of tumours. Vitamin A and C are such nutrients which act as antioxidants and help in soothing inflammation.

11. Treat Urinary Tract:

Blueberries have been effective in the treatment of urinary tract infection and also in preventing such diseases. UTI can be caused due to minimal intake of fibrous foods, roughage, liquids or minerals.

How To Consume:

  • Blueberries, grapes, apples, and other juicy fruits can be helpful in the prevention of UTI. Having blueberry juice once in two/three days can be a helpful remedy.

12. Eye Care:

Vitamin A is an essential component for curing night blindness and other diseases associated with the eye. Blueberries have an adequate amount of Vitamin A, making it an effective remedy of diseases associated with the eye.

How To Consume:

  • It is preferred to have blueberries every week to keep the eyes functional and disease-free.

Benefits Of Blueberries For Skin:


Blueberry Benefits for Skin

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient is help prevent skin diseases and curing skin diseases, Along with citrus fruits, blueberries can also be considered as an effective Vitamin C provider and can be consumed daily to keep the skin glowing and shiny throughout. It has been proved that the consumption of blueberries helps in keeping the skin free of many diseases and also maintain a fresh look and glow of the skin. It acts brilliantly for skincare. Let’s have a look into 5 top benefits of blueberries for the skin.

1. Fighting Acne:

Skin damages such as ageing signs, wrinkles, acne, etc. can be avoided by consumption of blueberries as it has many nutrients and vitamins which help the prevention of such damages. Acne is caused due to the formation of excess dirt inside the skin pores and blueberries are filled with fibres.

How To Apply:

  • A mask prepared with crushed blueberry and citrus and honey which applied once daily and kept for 15-20 minutes can help in the reduction of acne.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water later on.

2. Anti-Ageing:

Spider veins and varicose veins may start appearing unnecessarily before time making the skin weaker and wrinkly. This may give you an extra ageing effect before time. This mainly happens when there is not enough formulation of oxygen in the skin. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants so they are effective for anti-ageing.

How To Apply:

  • A cup of blueberry paste, yoghurt and honey applied daily and kept for 15 minutes before taking a bath can help you avoid the signs of ageing.

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3. Removal of Under Eye Darkness :

A huge problem faced by teenagers of this age is under-eye darkness. Blueberries have vitamin A and C in abundance, which can help you get rid of those dark spots.

How To Apply:

  • Soak a cotton ball in blueberry juice and keep it on top of your eyelids for 10 minutes every day before going to bed shall help you get rid of that dark area.

4. Removal of Dry Skin:

Due to less intake of water and fibres, many of us these days, face a regular problem of dry skin. This can be avoided with the application of a blueberry mask daily. Blueberries are supplied with fibre and water. The juice, if soaked in the skin, can help get rid of dryness in the skin and can avoid roughness too.

5. Reduce Appearance of Spider Veins:

Spider veins are dilated blood vessels which appear close to the skin giving it an ageing effect and makes the skin look splotchy due to the weak vessels. Blueberries which are supplied with enough antioxidants are able to get rid of free radicals helping reduce the effect of redness due to the loosened blood vessels.

How To Apply:

  • By steaming the blueberries and then blending it with yoghurt and applying the mask for 20-30 minutes, the splotches can be removed.

Benefits Of Blueberries For Hair:

Benefits of Blueberries for Hair

Blueberries are superior when it comes to hair care. Being full of Vitamin B, blueberries can seamlessly help to maintain a good and healthy amount of hair. Let’s have a look into the top 2 benefits of blueberries for hair.

1. Promotes Hair Growth:

Blueberries have the chemical proanthocyanidins present in it which help facilitate hair growth and prevent excess hair loss.

How To Apply:

  • A pack of crushed blueberries and olive oil can be applied on the hair roots and kept for 20 – 30 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water can help in the growth of baby hairs and also prevent hair fall.

2. Prevention of Premature Graying:

Greying of hair comes with ageing and due to loss of hair pigments and keratin. This can happen due to hereditary issues or an inadequate amount of Vitamin B12 in the body. Blueberries are supplied with enough amount of Vitamin B12 which can help the prevention of premature greying.

How To Apply:

  • Applying a pack made of ground blueberry and olive/coconut oil for 20 minutes before taking a bath, once a week can be effective prevention.

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Blueberry Side Effects:

Excessive use of anything can have its own adverse effects and the same goes for blueberries too. Extra usage can cause dryness in the scalp, etc. which will rather increase the trouble than reduce it.

1. Too Much Fiber:

As blueberry has a fibre-rich content, eating too much of it can result in constipation and uneasiness. A healthy and sufficient amount of intake is fine though.

2. Can Cause Salicylate Sensitivity:

Blueberries have a good amount of salicylate and a person before consuming too many blueberries should make sure that he/she is not allergic to salicylate and must not fall sick after eating it.

3. Vitamin K Overdose:

A high intake of Vitamin K can result in difficulty of swallowing, breathing, speaking and even digestion. As blueberries are filled with Vitamin K, it should be made sure that too much of it has not been consumed at a go.

4. Hypoglycemia:

A person suffering from diabetes should preferably avoid blueberry leaves as a substitute for diabetes medicine because blueberry leaves can decrease blood sugar level to an excessive amount leading to immediate collapse and seizure.

5. Not Suitable for People With Stone Food Allergies:

People allergic to plum, apricot, berries, peach can be easily allergic to blueberries too, and hence, it should be made sure before consumption.

6. Too Many Blueberries are Unhealthy for Pregnancy:

The food and drinks consumed by a pregnant woman should always be confirmed by the doctor. Be it blueberries or anything else. Anything which hampers the growth of the baby must be avoided.

7. Unsafe for Nursing Mothers:

As a nursing mother, one should not just think of their own health but also the health of the child. Too much accumulation of any mineral can cause unwanted trouble in the lives of both the mother and the child. Hence it is better to avoid too much consumption of anything at the time of pregnancy and post-birth stage when the mother is still breastfeeding the child.

8. Consumption During Surgery:

It is advisable to consume blueberries at least two weeks prior or after surgery because too much blueberry consumption makes the healing process slow.

Blueberries are considered as the king of plump and juicy. While having enormous good effects and health factors, blueberries are also fun to have and are brilliant when it comes to taste. It can be blended and consumed as a shake in a mid-summer afternoon. It can be processed into muffin toppings and also made into jams and jellies for your everyday breakfast, and don’t ever forget to try the blueberry yoghurt, which tastes equally delicious as it sounds.

Blueberries are such beautiful fruits which have too many goodnesses to pin down, but that definitely doesn’t mean we won’t consider the ill effects too. As mentioned earlier, nothing in excess is good and neither is this. But the preparation of a new dessert with blueberries and some other delights every weekend shall cause no harm after all experimenting is what keeps us going!

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