6 Weight Loss Food Swaps to Try

6 Weight Loss Food Swaps to Try

Are you obsessed with losing a few pounds? If you’ve tried all the popular diet plans and the results are not satisfying, consider a few alternative methods on how to sculpt your silhouette with ease. Improve your nutritional plan and reduce the intake of calories with these simple 6 weight loss food swaps.

1. Swap Jarred Tomato Sauce for Fresh Tomatoes

Jarred tomato sauces contain a high amount of sugar and will load your system with sugar. If you want to have a perfectly sculpted figure, it is wise to ditch all these products from your fridge and pile up on fresh tomatoes. These veggies furnish you with antioxidants which ease the task of your organism to flush out fat.

6 Weight Loss Food Swaps to Try

2. Swap Fruit Juice Cocktails for Seltzer

It’s time to pay special attention to liquid calories. Fruit juice cocktails you can buy from the local store are loaded with sugar.

Seltzer proves to be the best solution to tame your thirst and save yourself from the guilt of extra calories. Flavored seltzer is also recommended if you’re looking for a fruity taste.

3. Swap Rice for Baked Potato

If you’re in quest for foods which load your body with fiber, make sure you swap rice for baked potato.

These veggies are packed with fiber which can contribute to the breaking down of fat deposits. Baked potato is super-healthy if you skip the butter or other high-calorie dressing.

4. Swap Banana for Orange

Save up to 35 calories per serving with this simple food swap. Bananas are higher in calories and can’t provide you with the necessary fiber to lose weight dramatically. On the other hand, oranges are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. These elements are essential for the ideal functioning of the metabolism.

5. Swap Fried Chicken for Roasted Chicken

Are you ready to lose weight in the quickest time without having to give up your favorite meals? This food swap will require only a small change in your nutritional plan. Instead of consuming fried chicken loaded with calories you should try preparing your favorite salads with roasted chicken. This diet tip can help you save up to 200 calories per serving.

6. Swap Fruit-flavored Yogurt for Fat-Free Yogurt and Fresh Fruits

Re-organize your meal plan by ditching fruit-flavored yogurt for fat-free yogurt with a few slices of organic fruits. Strawberries, peaches, apples and other fruits are perfect to provide your organism with a quick energy boost. Ease the task of your digestive system by consuming healthy ingredients. This diet strategy can save you up to 80 calories.

6 Weight Loss Food Swaps to Try

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