9 Simple Exercises to Get Slim Calves

The calf muscles are located on the back of the lower legs. A calf is one of the body parts which are at times overlooked by people. So if your calf is large and toned up it can make your lower leg appear bulky and large.

Generally, women who wear high heels on a daily basis tends to have large calves as they walk on the balls of the feet, which exerts pressure on front foot leading to build calf muscles. Proper workout with emphasis on the calf muscles can help in reduction.

exercises to get slim calves

Best and Effective Exercises to Get Slim Calves:

So let’s have a look at top 9 different types of exercises which can help to achieve slim calves.

1. Calf  Stretching with Foam Roller:

This is a workout which can be done with the help of the foam roller and in turn stretches the calf muscles.

Calf Stretching with Foam Roller-01

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Sit on the floor with both the legs stretched; place both the hands on the either sides of your back so that it lends support.
  • Then place both the legs on the foam roller ensure that both the knees should be straight, shouldn’t bend when placed on the foam roller.
  • Then slowly lift the buttocks from the floor and push the body down such that the foam roller rolls up towards the knee.
  • Repeat the same for about a minute and then do the same with the other leg.
  • Like this do workouts for calves for at least 3 times on both the legs.

2. Standing Calf Raise Exercises with Dumbbells:

This workout is good for calf muscles as it helps in reducing the calf muscles and even tones at the same time.

Standing Calf Raise Exercises with Dumbbells

How to Do The Exercise:

  • First stand in a straight position with both the feet together and knees should not bend.
  • Hold dumbbells in both the hand and the back and shoulders should be straight and stretched.
  • Ensure the core muscles are tight so as to maintain the balance.
  • Slowly and gradually raise the balls of the feet up in the air, such as heels are lifted from the floor and wait for 10 seconds out there.
  • Then come back to the start position and repeat the same exercises for calves for 15 times daily.

3. Ankle Rotation:

A simple workout, but helps to tone and reduce the fatty calf muscles deposited on the legs. This workout can be done at home as it can be performed by sitting on a chair or even in standing posture.

Ankle Rotation

How to Do The Exercise:

The steps explained are while you are standing and if you want to do in while you are seated just need to sit on a chair and perform the steps.

  • Stand on both the legs with feet apart and place the hand on the sides.
  • Now slowly lift the right leg in the air and start turning the foot inward and stay in the position for a while and feel the pressure on the calf area.
  • Then similarly so the same in an outward direction.
  • Bring the leg in starting position and so the same on right leg for 10 times.
  • Repeat the same exercises to slim calves for 3 sets on each leg.

4. Calf Raise Exercise in Seated Posture:

The exercise could be done while sitting on a chair and exerts great pressure on the calf muscles.

Calf Raise Exercise in Seated -04Posture

How to Do The Exercise:

  • First be seated on a chair or stool and placing the feet on the floor or some lifted a box.
  • Take a dumbbell on the hand and place it above the knee and exert pressure by pressing downwards.
  • Then slowly raise the toes as much as you can and feel the stretch in the calf muscles.
  • Stay for a while in this position and come to starting point.
  • Repeat the same slim calves workout for 15 times and see slim calves.

5. Virabhadrasana:

This workout strengthens the muscles of the feet and knees along with the calf muscles.


How to Do The Exercise:

  • Stand in a straight posture with feet –hip-distance with the arms placed at shoulder height and turn to the right side.
  • Breathe out and place the feet   wide apart and turn the right foot is placed at 90 degrees and the left foot is inward about 45 degrees.
  • Insert pressure on left heel, again exhale and bend the right knee and place both the hands facing towards the ceiling and press the arms together.
  • Slowly tilt the head back and look at the thumb and ensure that the left leg is straight and stay in the same position for 30 seconds.
  • Lower the arms and come back to normal position and so the same for the other side also.

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6. Squats With Raised Hands:

This workout can be dome at home as it doesn’t require any equipment and is a good workout for both upper leg muscles as well for calf muscles also.

Squats With Raised Hands

How to Do The Exercise:

  • First stand straight with feet apart, both the hands placed on the sides.
  • Then stretch and raise the hands upwards i as the fingers pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Then lower the body into a squat position by moving the balls of your feet and toes.
  • Once you reach to the lowest point as much you can do then slowly try to stand and go back to the normal posture and feel the tension in the calf area.
  • Repeat the same for 10 times and rest while and perform 3 sets with regular intervals.

7. Stretching Calf Workouts:

This workout is being considered as the best calf exercises as it stretches and even tones the calf muscles, it can be also done at home without any hassles.

Stretching Calf Workouts

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Stand straight with both the feet together and hands on the sides.
  • Then lift the right leg, bend the knees and place in front of you such as both the legs are in the same line.
  • Then place the right hands on the thigh for the support and the left hand on the waist so as to balance the body weight.
  • Slight turn the shoulders and waist on the right side.
  • Ensure both the feet are in contact with the floor and now bend the right leg knee and feel the pressure on left leg calf muscles.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds and come to rest position.
  • Do the same of other leg. Repeat the same calf slimming exercises for 3 times on both the leg.

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8. Raised Calf With Sumo Squats:

This is a workout to reduce the calf muscles and lend them strength also.

Raised Calf With Sumo Squats

How to Do The Exercise:

  • First stand with both the feet wider than the hip width, hands placed on the waist or can be opened up  straight on both the sides and the toes should be placed in slightly turned out posture.
  • Bend both the knees and lower your body in squat posture.
  • Try to hold the position and then lift the heels and then press them back down to the floor. Ensure the hips should not rise only both the heels should arise above the floor.
  • Then slowly come back to start position.
  • Repeat the same calf raises exercises for 10 times and relax the legs by shaking them.

9. Adho Mukha Svanasana(Downward Facing Dog Pose):

One another yoga pose through which the calf muscles can be stretched and strengthen the arms and legs.

Adho Mukha Svanasana(Downward Facing Dog Pose)

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Place all four (hands and knees) on the floor and place both the hands under the shoulder.
  • Place both the legs and feet on the floor and as you exhale press the floor away from you and lift the hip, back  into an upside down pose.
  • Then try to keep the knees straight and take the hip     up and away from you. Try to push the thighs and knees back.
  • Pressurize the upper arm towards each other, shoulder blades pressed down along the spine, ensuring space in-between the shoulders hold the position for 10 seconds and feel the pressure on arms and calves.
  • Slowly come to the starting point and do the same calf strengthening exercises for 3 times.

There are various reasons by which fat deposit at calves. First could be that there are lots of fat deposit in that area which gives a large shape of the calf. Another could be genetic issue that parents are having big calf so kids tend to have the same. One ore could be that you are overusing the calf muscles while walking because you have weak surrounding muscles and you use calf muscle. Ensure if you are aiming to increase the muscle mass in calf area, then you should have proper nutrition and high protein diet along with proper workout for specific area, and achieve toned calves so as you can wear cool short and skirts and look glamorous and fabulous.

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