9 Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally and Fast

In this competitive world everyone is stressed and wants to calm down or relax in different ways. Some take break, some start binging on food while some people start smoking as it helps them to calm and even make them feel relaxed at times. Once the person gets addicted to it in the long run the person may face adverse physical consequences. So it better and even essential to get rid of it, much research has proven that a person can quit smoking permanently if he does it naturally without taking other things assistance.

Quit Smoking Naturally

9 Ways to Stop Smoking Cigarettes Naturally:

Smoking is a habit and quitting it sometimes is very difficult unless the person determines it to quit from it. So first and foremost you need to remove the reason which provokes you to smoke as if you don’t a desire or any cravings, then quitting would be easy and simple for you. Secondly you should set a target or fix up a date to quit smoking and work accordingly towards it naturally so that you are aware by this you need to give up this bad habit in the dust. Then try out these natural ways so that which can divert your attention and craving making this quitting process simpler and easier.

1. Practice Yoga or Asanas:

Scientifically and according to researchers it’s being proved that a person performing asana or yoga keeps you relaxed, calm and lower your blood pressure along with strengthening your lungs also. It even lends assistance or is of great help for smokers also. If a person starts practising yoga its craving and anxiety levels get reduced and it gradually helps in reduction of numbers of cigarettes smoked in day and the results varies in a week. So once you have planned to give away this habit start practising yoga or meditation and let your mind relax and set a healthy mind body connection.

2. Drink Plenty of Water:

Water is well known natural detoxifier as it naturally detoxes your body if it is consumed in large quantities on daily basis. As when you smoke nicotine starts depositing in the body and with passage if time it forms layers. But when you decide to quit this natural element cleanses your system and eradicates the harmful chemical deposition. The water even heals and helps you in the process, it boost and accelerates the entire program and even helping to fight against your addictions.

3. Switch to Healthy Diet Plan:

Once you decide that you want to stop smoking then along with changes in daily habits even try to include lots of vegetables, greensand fruits in your diet as altogether as these altogether would lower your craving towards nicotine. These fruits and specially pineapple intake would repair your lungs which you caused in the past by smoking as pineapple can reduce inflammation and quickly heals the harm caused by nicotine.

4. Sip Herbal or Green Tea:

This is one another easy way out which helps you to achieve your aim that’s when you have the urge of smoking sip green tea or any other herbal flavoured tea. It is being found that this tea also eradicates the side effects of smoking which might cause lung cancer risk. So once you decide to give up this bad habit start sipping healthy tea.

5. Seek Advice from Acupuncturist:

According to many studies it is being proved that the process of acupressure curbs your urge in a successful way thus helping you to achieve your goals. It is being observed that people seeking this natural process helps them to cut down the cigarettes consumed in a day and gradually quit altogether with the passage of time.

6. Consume Vitamins:

As when you smoke on regular basis lot of harm has been caused to the body cells and especially lungs and lowering down the nutritional status also. It also lower the essential mineral and vitamins which is required in a body to stay fit, so when you hook to quit from this habit then it essential to consume multivitamins which will keep the fatigue away that might occur in the process.

7. Be Active:

It is being advisable that you should stay active for the whole day and keep yourself involved in some sort of the activity so that you don’t have the urge to smoke. So ensure that whenever you are free try to indulge yourself in an activity like playing, talking to family members, cooking and many other which can help to diverse your mind.

8. Try out Aromatherapy:

Once you decide to quit smoking you might again feel the urge of it again, in that situation some essential oils can be surely beneficial to you and can stop that craving and making you feel relaxed and calming the mind once again. There are many oils whose aromas can relieve you of the jitters and its fragrance can help you to sleep and get rid of the cravings which can bounce back at any point of the time in this process.

9. Consume Ginseng:

While you are in the process of quitting this habit some time the cravings are so strong that it’s difficult to resist without it, then ginseng could help you in a great way. You can consume this in a powder form and add one teaspoon to any of your juice or soup. This would surely stop your craving for the entire day thus helping you to achieve your set target.

The above mentioned process would help you to quit smoking and this would be a permanent way and an easy way out also. So if you want to give way smoking the best way is to do it naturally rather than taking smoking pills or nicotine products as it would stop the urge but you can again have the inclination towards it. So safe and effective way to stop smoking is by accepting the natural methods only as you can eradicate this habit permanently.