Aloe Vera for Psoriasis

There are various forms of psoriasis. These are mostly irritation and severe infection which can be found at the elbows, the face, the chin, sides of forehead and sides of nose, the legs and knees. This can be found at other parts of the body as well. These can be near the naval, the buttocks, the under arms and other body fold areas. These can lead to severe irritation and red patches. It is seen that this is an auto immune disease.

However if a person is suffering from this, this should not be neglected as a normal rash or redness. If a rash or redness is persisting and it is not healing with normal anti biotic or other creams, then the doctor should be consulted. If the required tests show that this can be due to infection then precautions, adequate remedies should be tried out.

aloe vera for psoriasis

It is often seen that this disease can be triggered by emotional stress. This is though genetic however, it is often seen that people who has excessive anxiety problems, nervousness or excessive sweating, their hormones can trigger this problem. This can also occur due to strep infections and other various forms of diseases. It Is also seen if there is a family history that a people have suffered from this problem, then a person can also have these types of diseases. This is mostly auto immune. Therefore it can also happen that this problem will not be easily treated. However, adequate measures can reduce the redness and also reduce the inflammation.

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Aloevera gel leaf

What is Psoriasis:

This can result from some inflammation or excessive cells production. That can be one of the major factors that can trigger this. When the skin cells are excessive, then these get deposited and can lead to dryness, itchiness and other forms of flakiness.

Over the counter remedies can be tried for this. These however help to sooth the surface temporarily and can also soothe the redness or if there are inflammations and excessive redness around the nose or ears, these can be treated with anti biotic creams from the stores under the prescription of a doctor.

If this is due to some form of infection or hormonal imbalance, then proper tests should be conducted to know about the reason behind this. Then adequate hormonal remedies can be tried which are mostly in the form of injections.

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Aloe Vera Helps for Psoriasis:

Aloe Vera plant is rich in a mucous substance which contains excessive amounts of anti oxidants. It not only has properties which can sooth infections, but it can also help in treating slight inflammations and small cuts or wounds. This is anti septic in nature and this also soothes the surface.

There are various anti septic creams these days which are herbal containing the extracts or the gel of this plant. If unprocessed and raw Aloe gel is bought from the market and this is applied on sun burns or rashes, this often helps to soothe the area. This also cools the area down.

A person can buy fresh unprocessed and chemical free Aloe Vera gel from markets. These can be mixed with water and then stored in the refrigerator in the ice chambers. These can then be solidified into ice cubes. Usually people having surface problems or rashes their surface needs soothing and cooling effects which can reduce the redness.

This can be done also after coming indoors from the sun during summers for general purposes. This gel also contains anti septic properties and can be regularly used by psoriasis patients to treat their skin.

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