Banana Diet for Weight Loss

banana diet

A banana diet is a weight loss diet plan that gained a lot of popularity in Japan after kumiko Mori (a popular singer) declared that she had lost around 15 pounds by following this diet. Like the other fad diets that people follow crazily, even banana diet is no different. It is also known as morning banana diet. As the name implies this diet is all about satiating yourself with bananas during breakfast. When, how much and certain other factors are all mentioned in this article. So, if you want to shed the extra kilos with minimum restrictions and are extremely curious to collect information about the banana diet, then this article fits the bill.

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Origin of banana Diet:

The concept of Banana Diet was formed by Sumiko and Hitoshi Watanabe who belonged to the field of medicines. Hitoshi followed it and lost 37lbs. This diet became famous in2020 when the founder couple posted the details of this diet on a Japanese site “Mixi” and many people started following it, this fad became so popular that Japan once had a deficit of bananas.


While following the banana diet one must adhere to certain guidelines so as to make it a success. It is a very simple diet that can be associated with several eating plans with a condition of keeping bananas as the primary food in the diet. Some other guidelines to be followed are mentioned below.

1. Only bananas and water for breakfast:

The very first stipulation is that breakfast should strictly be comprised of only bananas and water at room temperature. There is no restriction on the quantity of bananas; one can keep on eating till he feels completely full.

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2. No stipulations for lunch and dinner:

This diet is relatively simple to follow as there are no stipulations for lunch and dinner which means that one can eat anything during the other meals.

3. Alcohol and dairy products are banned:

Any kind of liquor and dairy products are a strict no-no. These include milk and milk products like cheese butter curds so on. So while you can have anything for lunch and dinner, do ensure to exclude milk products and alcohol.

4. Timing of the meals:

It is mandatory to maintain the mealtimes in this diet programme. Care should be taken to finish eating dinner before 8 pm and eat food in short intervals. While following this diet one should also keep a gap between of two hours between dinners and sleep.

5. Avoid overeating:

It is strictly advised to consume small portions of food at shorter intervals. One should avoid over indulging in foods. This diet requires a person to satiate his stomach by only 80 per cent food. Keeping the stomach 20 per cent hungry helps in cutting down of calories and benefit the dieter.

Benefits of this diet :

This diet is ideal for those people who cannot curb their eating habits strictly. Secondly this diet is very affordable and can be followed by the lesser privileged people also. Since this diet emphasises on the consumption of breakfast, unlike other diets, it proves to be healthy as it kills the hunger that could lead to a choice of unhealthy and nutritionally poor food during the day. This is one weight loss programme that not only helps in shedding weight but simultaneously works on good and healthy eating habits. Since it involves eating bananas in good quantity, it gives a direct boost to the metabolism and thus makes a person more energetic.

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The disadvantages:

With the pros the cons also exist, the one main being that this diet can be quite misleading. Since the dieters are allowed to eat any type of food during the mealtimes, they tend to binge on high calorie food thus tossing away the main purpose of this diet. Another side effect is that it might cause constipation in a few people. All in all it is one diet that has more advantages than the disadvantages.

This diet is very easy to follow and has very basic restrictions. If you are trying to shed a few kilos and wish to attempt this diet plan, do so by all means but before that, do find out if your health permits you to attempt this diet.