Best Low Calorie Ice Cream

Best Low Calorie Ice Cream

Low calorie ice cream can sometimes lack the flavor and texture of regular frozen treats, but there are plenty of options that can help you with sweet cravings when you’re trying to lose weight or simply cut back on calories.

Try some of the best low calorie ice cream options, with only 140 calories or less per serving, that offer the best compromise between taste and low fat and sugar content. From ice cream bars to sundae cones and non-dairy frozen treats, here are some of the most delicious options for frozen treats that won’t leave you asking for more.

Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Fudge Ice Cream Bars – 60 calories

The most extreme options when it comes to the best low calorie ice cream, these bars aren’t for everyone, but they can hit the spot when you’re under serious calorie restrictions. At only 60 calories per bar, you can also go for seconds if you’re really craving a low calorie dessert.

Klondike Slim-a-Bear Vanilla Bars – 100 calories

If you’d rather make a compromise when it comes to portion control, but still enjoy the delicious ice cream taste, the Klondike bars with no sugar added are your best choice. They deliver a powerful taste for only 100 calories, with delicious vanilla ice cream coated in milk chocolate. The Slim-a-Bear bars can even satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Best Low Calorie Ice Cream

Creamsicle Orange & Raspberry Ice Cream Bars – 100 calories

When you’re craving a bit of fruity flavor on top of vanilla ice cream, one of the best low calorie ice cream options is the Creamsicle Orange & Raspberry. The fruit sherbet in two flavors adds a delicious twist to the vanilla and the texture is satisfying, but less decadent than full fat ice creams.

Weight Watchers Divine Triple Chocolate Dessert Bars – 110 calories

Most dieters fail because they impose too many restrictions as soon as they start, creating frustration and leading to more binging. Weight Watchers is one of the most successful dieting programs because it encourages a more balanced approach and it also offers a delicious chocolate ice cream with fudge and milk chocolate coating for only 110 calories per bar.

Breyer’s Smooth & Dreamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – 110 calories

If you like your desserts more simple, while still delivering the right flavor, the Breyer’s Vanilla Bean is definitely one of the best low calorie ice cream treats. Without any extra razzle dazzle, this ice cream delivers the delicious flavor of vanilla with only 110 calories for each 1/2 cup serving.

Best Low Calorie Ice Cream

Safeway Select Mint Chocolate Chip Light Ice Cream – 120 calories

The trick with a small serving like 1/2 cup is that the ice cream needs to deliver on both taste and texture. If you like mint and chocolate, this light dessert is the right choice for a great choice for a treat after you’ve got your first taste of dieting success.

Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Cookies & Cream – 130 calories

Delivering both taste and texture, another Weight Watchers winner easily makes the best low calorie ice cream list. The delicious chocolate cookie crumbs might not be extremely decadent, but they’ll deliver a tasty treat that’s perfect for any diet.

Dreyer’s/Edy’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – 130 calories

Marketed as Dreyer’s or Edy’s in different territories, this ice cream would be as delicious under any other name. With real cherries and dark chocolate chips, this delicious dessert only has 130 calories for a 1/2 cup serving.

Weight Watchers Giant Mint Fudge Ice Cream Sundae Cone – 140 calories

At the high end of the spectrum for best low calorie ice cream, this delicious cone offers both creamy mint-flavored ice cream and a crunchy chocolate cone, for a total of 140 calories. If you’re not a fan of mint, you can also find it in chocolate and vanilla caramel varieties.

Non-Dairy Option – Dreyer’s/Edy’s Mango Fruit Bars – 80 calories

If you’d rather have a frozen treat with no milk, you can’t go wrong with these delicious Mango Fruit Bars. At only 80 calories per bar, this is one of the best low calorie ice cream for vegans or people trying a dairy-free diet.

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