GM Diet Day 2: Way To Lose Weight With Vegetables

GM Diet Day 2: Way To Lose Weight With Vegetables

The GM diet or the General Motor Diet is all about losing weight in a healthy way! The diet is span across 7 days, with each day dedicated to foods of a particular food group. In this article, we shall discuss the GM diet Day 2. This is the second day of your diet and is one of the most important ones too. Day 2 is an all-vegetable day, with focus on Vitamin-rich, fiber-rich and low-calorie vegetables like green leafy vegetables, cabbage, peppers, onions for a well-rounded nutrition in your body.

gm diet plan day 2

How To Prepare The Body For GM Diet Day 2:

Unlike on gm diet day 1 in which you would feel a bit lightheaded due to the lack of carbohydrate intake in the second day of this would dwell more on foods that can be easily digested by the gastrointestinal tract.

To prepare for the gm diet day 2, you should eat a full dinner in the first day consisting of heavier fruits such as melons, as they will be using supplemental fibre content the next day. Drinking of as much as 10 glasses of water on Day 1 is a must or you can say it is compulsory.

In day one you were restricted to intake any starchy food but in day 2 you are free! As bananas are restricted from being consumed, in gm diet day 2 all vegetables can be eaten, including those that are high in starch, such as potatoes. This is done to give your body a good amount of energy for the day, and you would be more capable of doing more strenuous activities and exercises, because if you do not take any heavy stuff today you may feel dizzy.

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Planning For GM Diet Day 2:

#GM Diet Plan Day 2:

Day 2 is dedicated to eating vegetables in both raw and cooked forms. Let’s have a look into them.

Key Points:

  • You can eat as many veggies as you want to.
  • There is a restriction on vegetables and you can include as many varieties as possible.
  • If you are eating starchy foods like Potatoes, add them to breakfast.


  • BREAKFAST: 1 bowl of boiled potatoes.
  • MORNING SNACK: 1 bowl of cabbage & 1 glass of water.
  • LUNCH: 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, boiled beetroot & 2 glasses of water.
  • POST LUNCH SNACK: 2 tomatoes & 1 glass of water.
  • EVENING SNACK: 1 bowl of sliced cucumbers & 1 glass of water.
  • DINNER: 1 bowl of mixed salad containing boiled carrots, green beans, broccoli & 2 glasses of water.

Foods To Avoid On Day 2:

Here is a list of foods that you must strictly avoid the day 2 of your GM diet:

  • Fruits of all kinds.
  • Protein Foods like meat, eggs, lentils.
  • Carbohydrate foods like grains, potatoes.
  • Fats and Oils, including refined oil, olive oil and margarine.
  • Dairies like butter, cheese, milk, yoghurt and creams.
  • Sugar Foods like colas, desserts and sweets.
  • Alcohol.
  • Fresh Fruit Juices.
  • Caffeine drinks like Coffee, tea, Cocoa.

Why This Works?

Vegetables are laden with nutrients to give your body the required amount of energy. Being low in calories, they do not contribute to excess weight or fat deposits in the body. Also, some vegetables contain tiny amounts of carbohydrates which can energise your body after a day of Zero carbs. So, you will feel light and active on Day 2.

GM Diet Day 2 Exercises:

Along with religiously following the diet, it is also recommended to include the following exercises to reap maximum benefits from the program:

  • Pranayama
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Kapalbhati
  • AdhoMukhaShvanasana
  • Arm Circles
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Neck Rotation
  • Face Exercises
  • Skipping
  • Rope Jumping

How Will You Feel At The End Of Day 2?

Although your body is deprived of key energy driving foods like fat or Carbs, you will definitely feel better than Day 2. Vegetables can keep you satiated for long, along with providing healthy nutrition. However, you might feel slightly sluggish after lunch on Day 2, due to a sudden depletion in your calorie count. This is quite normal and expected!

So, that’s all about the GM Diet plan Day 2. Just stock up your pantry with some fresh vegetables and check out ways to include raw and cooked versions of them in your diet. You can try soups, stews and even salads without dressing. Day 2 is a boon for those who love eating an all-veggie diet, but may be difficult for meat lovers! As they say, the path to success is not so easy! So, don’t give up on your goals, keep focus and aim for it!