Halle Berry’s Workout Plan

Halle Berry’s Workout Plan

Halle Berry was following the 5 Factor Fitness plan while getting in shape for her role in Catwoman and Harley Pasternak, the fitness and diet guru was helping get her dream-like figure.

Let’s see what’s all the fuss about the 5 Factor Fitness plan:

The Halle Berry’s workout plan doesn’t require calculations, exhausting exercising or starving. Due to its simplicity it can be included in your daily routine. You can stay at home and use only dumbbells and a bench.

The plan stays in the following:Step 1.

Cardio warm-up (your muscles are prepared for the strengthening exercises, it enhances blood flow and increases the heart rate)

Halle Berry’s Workout PlanHalle Berry’s Workout Plan

Step 2. Upper-body toning exercises (bicep curls, lifting and push-ups)

Step 3. Lower-body strength exercise (step-up with curls, ball knee raise)

Step 4. Midsection (core) exercise (abdominal exercises, various ball crunches or seated side beans)

Step 5. Fat-burning Cardio Five minutes are dedicated to each phase and concentrates on toning exercises. This way you won’t get bored so easily. Pasternak advises you to make this workout only 5 times a week, and let your body rest 2 days a week.

Halle Berry’s workout plan works effectively whether you do it on high or low intensity. Depending on your purpose you can dedicate only 25 or even 40 minutes per day to these exercises.

Beginners can elongate the introductory phase until they get used to sweaty workouts. It might be shorter and with lots of repetitions, but still has the same effect.

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