Healthy Diet Plan Chart For Men And Women

There is no single definition for a healthy diet or what should one eat and not eat. It is just one that suits your body type and maintains the needs of your body. There is no single diet that suits all body types. All of us are different in more than one ways and so is what we eat.

Healthy Diet Plan Chart For Men And Women:

This healthy diet contains healthy food. Our food items are divided into 5 main groups. Here we will see the details of what should we eat and how much from each group is healthy for us. This Indian healthy diet plan is a generic one and for those looking for a plan for specific motives like weight loss or low calories can alter their choices from this basic plan.

1. Vegetables And Fruits:

Vegetables and fruits are vital source of minerals and vitamins. Five portions of a variety of vegetables and fruits in a day are ideally required in the body. It lowers the risk of heart problems, cancer and strokes. The consumption of a few plants as well as their fruits or vegetables were ones limited to only curing diseases. But once the benefits were as cleat as day, they have found their way in our daily lives. From fiber to vitamins, studies suggest that the nutrient content of a single serving of these nature’s gifts are all that can be enough for survival. Make sure you plan out a judicious healthy diet plan, which has abundant use of fruits and vegetables to keep you from starving. They are not only easy to eat without the trouble of cooking, but also beneficial in the long run and much more than the canned food you purchase.


An apple, a banana/pear /similar-sized fruit is one portion. One slice of melon or pineapple is one portion. 3-4 tablespoons of vegetables is also one portion.  Alternatively, try including one banana with morning cereal to complete one portion of your fruits intake.

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2. Starchy Food:

Everything we eat has starch in one or the other form. Ideally, starch should be made of one third of the total amount of food we eat in a day. So plan the meal according to the amount of starch you want to include in your healthy diet. The main reason why you need to stop the high intake of starch is because it leads to a rise in the sugar levels of blood. People do think only sugar can increase the level of blood sugar, however studies prove starch can do the same without too much effort. This is because starch is made of glucose, which is turned to sugar in the process of digestion by the body.

When intake for starch is high, your body can undergo a roller coaster of change in the levels of sugar, making it difficult for you to maintain a healthy life. This in turn leads to conditions like diabetes or even worse, hypoglycemia. Another problem that prevails owing to excessive starch intake is weight gain. The excess starch is often converted into fat, bringing in a change in the insulin levels and thus making it more difficult to burn down the fat being generated. If this continues, you will soon find yourself getting addicted to fast foods and your clothes will cease to fit you if you do not manage your eating habit quickly enough. So avoid this type of fast foods from your diet plan chart.

For Instance: Potatoes – these contain very high starch and fiber. Eating potatoes with skin also accounts for intake of more fiber and vitamins. Other foods rich in starch are whole wheat pasta, brown rice, brown whole meal bread etc. Replace white variety of these with whole grain varieties for more roughage content.

3. Eggs, Meat, Fish And Beans:

These account for the protein intake in the body. Proteins are essential for the body to grow and also contribute to inclusion of minerals and vitamins in the body.

Meat is rich in zinc, iron, Vitamin B & B12. Fish is rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids. Pulses, eggs, nuts, beans and seeds are rich in fiber. And because of all these goodness at least 1-2 portions of these should be included in the regular diet.

The disadvantage of having high amounts of protein every single day is that it increases the risks of storing back the saturated fat. Even though there is an increase in your metabolism, having only protein in your diet makes it difficult for other food to be stored in your body. It is burned down as soon as you eat it. This leaves only fat, which is difficult to burn out easily. The fat gets stored, leading to a weight gain. To make matters worse, all the vitamins and minerals get overshadowed by the excess protein intake. Which is why, regulation of protein in your healthy diet chart is a must. Aside that, the only thing to be taken care of is that they are cooked properly and use of fats and spices should be kept minimum to maintain their health value.

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4. Dairy Products And Milk:

Dairy foods include yogurt and cheese that are rich in calcium and protein. It helps maintain the bones healthy and strong. Use of skimmed milk, semi-skimmed milk or 1% fat milk should be preferred. Also cottage cheese, low fat hard cheese and low fat unsweetened yogurt should be consumed for health benefits.

Avoiding cheese in your healthy diet isn’t too hard anymore given that there are so many alternatives now. The substitutes not only promote a healthy diet for woman who are pregnant and are craving for dairy products, but also for men. These products are mostly vegetarian. One of which is nut cheese, which is perfect for pizzas and sandwiches. The nutrients present in cheese minus the fat are all found in it. Aside this benefit, nut cheese also reduces the respiratory distress issues otherwise caused by too much of cheddar or usual cheese intake. A lot of people are allergic to cheese and dairy products like milk as well. To maintain a healthy diet for men who need calcium to strengthen their bones, doctors often suggest alternatives that are safe to eat and have no fitness risks at all.

5 Sugars And Fats:

Sugar and fat provide the body with the required energy. It should be taken in moderation so that we also burn the amount of energy that we consume. This will keep us healthy and prevent addition to the body weight. It is essential to maintain the body weight to prevent illness like cancer, obesity and cardiovascular problems.The urge to consume sugar can always be suppressed by alternatives like fruits and custards. They are not only a healthier option, but also minimize the risks of dangers like tooth decay and weight gain. It would be ideal to see to it that your diet does not have too much of sugar and fat, since it not only risks an onset of diabetes, but also might worsen your condition if you have an undetected case of high blood sugar level.  Having fresh foods instead of canned foods is the best way to keep fats and sugar under control.

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This healthy diet is the best and easiest possible way to keep the body and mind healthy and fresh all day long. Eating right is more effective if you team it with right exercise and sleep routine for the body to remain fit. This diet can be also useful for kids for getting healthy body.

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