“Healthy” Foods that Are Bad for You

“Healthy” Foods that Are Bad for You

Since comnsumers asked for healthy foods, many producers are advertising their products this way, up to the point that you no longer know what’s bad for you and what really helps you be healthy and fit. Many labels on diet products can be misleading, so just because you read “light” or “diet” on the food you buy, it doesn’t mean those so called “healthy” foods are helpful in weight loss. Check out the list of “healthy” foods that people think are healthy, but they actually aren’t!

Granola Bars

The list of “healthy” foods bad for you starts with granola bars that are sold with the marketing strategy of a “nutritious and healthy snack”. These “healthy” foods actually make you fat, because they provide sugar, sodium and saturated fat and less fiber you can imagine. Eat two small pieces of dark chocolate instead, you get half the amount of calories and better nutrients for your figure.

“Healthy” Foods that Are Bad for You

Banana Chips

Banana chips are “healthy” foods because many people think are healthy, like other dried fruit packed with fiber. Unfortunately, reality tells us otherwise: they have 3 times more calories than fresh bananas and they have added sugar and sulfur to last longer on the supermarket shelf. Banana chips also provide 20% more fat than regular bananas, which means they can equally make you fat like potato chips do.

Fruit Yogurt

Unless you buy low-fat yogurt and mix it up yourself with fresh fruit, don’t ever eat fruit yogurt from the store. This is one of the “healthy” foods that make you fat, because you’ll notice on the list of ingredients many artificial sweeteners, chemical dyes with complicated names and dangerous preservatives, really bad for weight loss and for your health. Whether you eat a fruit yogurt from the market or a Snickers bar, you face the same risks.


Many people think popcorn snacks are healthy, but you should look carefully and evaluate what kind of popcorn you consume. The popcorn prepared at home in a pot, without fat and salt, is indeed a healthy low-calorie snack packed with fiber. But if you gobble on microwave popcorn, full of butter, salt and other chemicals, you have a false “healthy” food bad for your curves. The same goes for cinema popcorn!

“Healthy” Foods that Are Bad for You

Sushi Rolls

Other healthy foods bad for weight loss are sushi rolls, but not the traditional ones made only with fish, rice and seaweed. The western recipes add cream cheese, mayonnaise and greasy sauce, making this so called healthy food a calorie bomb (about 500 calorie per serving!).

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