How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Fast

There can be a lot of reasons why a person faces black eye. Not only is this problem highly visible and embarrassing but also one that brings along problems with vision, discomfort and even pain in a lot of situations. According to professionals, the causes associated with black eye include allergic reactions, injuries in the nasal passage, bites, jaw surgeries, dental infection, skin infection and even blow on the face.

how to get rid of black eye

It also brings along headaches and swelling in the region as some of the symptoms. However, once you are aware of the issue, the next best thing is to look into home remedial cures for the same. The list below has some of the top-notch home cures that can be picked from. This can be used on a regular basis for visible treatment results on the black eye and in a fast manner.

Best Home Remedies for Black Eyes:

1. Warm Compress:

This is one remedy that should be done after a day or two of the black eye occurrence. Warm compresses can be applied to the affected area to improve blood circulation. This helps in acceleration of blood and faster healing. A clean cloth should be dipped in warm water and the excess liquid should be removed before applying on the eyes. This should do for 10 minutes about 2-3 times in a day for the outcomes.

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2. Ice Use:

Ice for black eye

Instantly apply a cube of ice on the black eye if you want a fast remedy for the problem. This helps in reducing the internal bleeding as well as prevents further bruising of the black eye. Take a piece of ice in a muslin cloth and hold it on the eyes for the next 20 minutes. This should do several times a day for the first 48 hours.

3. Vaseline and Cayenne Pepper:

Vaseline and cayenne pepper

Take five tablespoons of melted Vaseline and to this add one tablespoon of cayenne pepper. This should be mixed and cooled down. This should be applied all around the eyes making sure it does not enter the eyes. Wipe it with a wet cloth after a few hours. In case of severe black eye problem has to do 3 times a day.

4. Witch Hazel Benefits:

Witch Hazel and oil

Take a clean cotton pad and dip it in witch hazel. Now apply this cotton on the black eyes for a soothing effect as well as to fasten the healing process for the black eye. This liquid is one of the best ones to be used at times of black eyes crisis and is known to be one of the perfect home remedies till date. Follow the idea every day till the problem subsides.

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5. Arnica:

Arnica for black eye

To reduce any kinds of swelling associated with black eye, arnica is one of the best remedies to use. It helps in repairing the muscles of the eyes that got damaged in the process. It is available in both, ointment as well as oil form in the market. Start using as soon as possible for fastened outcomes.

6. Potato Slices:

potatto- 6

The swelling and pain in the black eye can be treated with the application of potato slices. Cut it into thick slices, refrigerate for a while and then place this slice on the affected area for the next 30 minutes. Otherwise, grated the potato and kept on the eyes for the same benefits.

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7. Comfrey Application:

Comfrey root for black eye

Make a paste of the comfrey roots with a little water and apply this on the affected area daily for best outcomes on the black eye problem. You can also prepare comfrey root tea and dip a washcloth in it to compress the black eye area.

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