Is Sushi Healthy for Weight Loss?

Is Sushi Healthy for Weight Loss?

Sushi can have many benefits on your health, but not all of it is as good for you. Find out how to tell healthy sushi apart from more fatty options and learn more about the risks of eating too much sushi.

Is Sushy Healthy? What Are the Risks?

Besides containing too much fat, sushi also involves a few other health risks. The main concern when it comes to healthy sushi rolls is the high level of mercury in tuna. This is generally only a problem for young children, along with pregnant women and nursing mothers who consume large quantities.

In the EU, healthy sushi has become synonymous with frozen sushi. Freezing raw fish for at least 24 hours at temperatures below −4 °F is the safest way of destroying all the parasites that may inhabit it.

Is Sushi Healthy for Weight Loss?

Healthy Sushi Options

Just like any other type of cuisine, there’s no straight answer to the question “Is sushi healthy for weight loss?”. Some of it is much better if you’re trying to drop a few pounds, some should be absolutely avoided.

There’s no place amongst healthy sushi choices for fried crunchy rolls, and tempura rolls can have a high fat content as well. If you love soy sauce, go for the sodium reduced variety as long as you’re concerned about healthy sushi.

Avoid all fatty sauces and always start your meal at a sushi restaurant with the traditional soup. With less calories and more fiber, it won’t let you go crazy on the rolls.

To get the most out of healthy sushi for weight loss, opt for brown rice, Omega-3 rich salmon, wasabi (full of antioxidants), ginger (instant metabolic boost), soba noodles (whole grain, filled with fiber).

Healthy Sushi Rolls

When you’re looking for truly healthy sushi choices that you can eat on your diet without feeling too guilty, try these top choices for healthy sushi rolls.

Is Sushi Healthy for Weight Loss?

Salmon Cucumber Rolls. Get the benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids with brown rice and cucumbers. If you like it spicy, add wasabi, don’t order it spicy, because the chili is usually served with mayonnaise.

Veggie Rolls. The seaweed wrap and marine vegetables offer you plenty of vitamins and minerals with much less fat.

Sashimi. Answering the question “Is sushi healthy of weight loss?” is much more simple if you go for sashimi, fish served without the added calories of rice.

Mackerel Rolls. If you’re worried about the mercury in tuna, swap it for mackerel which has a smaller, but still important Omega-3 content.

Shrimp Rolls. When you’re on a diet and missing the fatty, crunchy sushi, the best replacement consists of shrimp rolls, with pickled radish or cucumber.

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