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Piloxing Fitness Trend

Piloxing Fitness Trend

Although we are accustomed to look at the fashion industry in search of the latest trends, the fitness industry can come with some pretty interesting suggestions as well. One of them is already becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts who are looking for new ways to spice up their workouts. Created by the former Swedish bodybuilder and dancer Viveca Jensen, the new fitness routine brings out the best in kickboxing as well as Pilates.

Since both these activities work the core muscles, putting them together seems like an intuitive action. Combining cardio exercises and periods of active rest, this new type of workout seems utterly practical and effective. Although Pilates variations like Yogalates have been popular in the past, cardio exercises are a a brand new addition that seems to have even more potential as it can burn more calories.Piloxing Fitness Trend

The new exercise routine is said to burn between 500-900 calories per hour. However, accelerated calorie burn is not the only benefit that Piloxing provides. Regular Piloxing sessions can improve speed, flexibility and stamina, boosting energy levels and promoting a more efficient weight loss, toning the body overall while strengthening the core. Improved self confidence and higher serotonin level are also benefits that are worth taking into account.

With “Sleek, Sexy, Powerful” as a motto, the mission of this new type of exercise is crystal clear. However, each of the words highlights a different part of this workout routine. Sleek refers to core strengthening and toning through ballet inspired movements. The Sexy part of the exercise doesn’t refer solely to the improvements in appearance, but also to a series of seductive moves such as hip rolls and Mambo steps for a more pleasant experience. The powerful part refers mainly to the kickboxing part that straightens the body and in addition to helping women learn self defense techniques.

Undoubtedly, challenging yet extremely fun, Piloxing can be a great way to add variety as well as intensity to your regular workouts to speed up your metabolism and avoid getting in a boring routine that focuses on training the same muscle groups over and over without helping you progress the way you might have envisioned.

Given its immense potential as well as incredible health and beauty benefits, the popularity of this new form of exercise among various celebrities comes as no surprise. Teen celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens or actresses like Hilary Duff and Kristen Dunst have already embraced this relatively new routine being spotted at numerous workout sessions designed to maintain their flawless figure.

If you are contemplating whether Piloxing might be the right workout choice for you or not, one of the savviest choices you can make is paying for a session or buy the DVD to draw a more informed conclusion. Both of these methods can be effective, so it is up to you to select the one that best suits you.

Piloxing Fitness Trend Piloxing Fitness Trend

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