Raisins For Weight Loss: Benefits, Importance And Methods To Use

Have you been struggling to lose weight? No matter how hard you work for it, it’s important to choose the right route to meet your goals. When nature has plenty of healthy sources like Raisins, why take supplements or crash diets? The wonderful benefits of Raisins for weight loss are proven in many research studies, in which many interesting facts were discovered.

Before we learn more, let’s get to know more about this ingredient. Raisins are the dry form of a grape, either green or black. The names locally know it of Kishmish in Hindi and Urdu, Yendu Draksha in Telugu, Bedane in Marathi, Vonadraakshe in Kannada, Unakku Munthiringa in Malayalam. There are different varieties of Raisins like Munakka, Sultana and Black currant, obtained from different types of grapes.

Read along as we guide you on the role of Raisins in promoting weight loss.

Is Kismis Good For Weight Loss?

Raisins are one of the most widely consumed dry fruits in the world. They are known for their incredible health benefits, out of which weight loss is a significant one. As per studies, consuming a healthy portion of Kismis on a daily basis has shown improvement in better nutritional absorption and increased metabolic rate. This inturn benefitted in lowering the risk of obesity and overweight in individuals. (1)

Raisins for weight loss

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How Do Raisins Help In Weight Loss?

Here is a detailed explanation of each of the weight loss benefits of Raisins:

1. Augmented Supply Of Glucose Energy:

Raisins are abundant with natural sugar compounds called glucose and fructose. These are converted into energy, which is necessary for a workout. Thus, raisins indirectly contribute to weight loss by providing strength and stamina during a physical exercise regime.

2. Improves Digestion:

It has been observed that obesity is linked to a low metabolic rate and poor digestion. With almost 3.7gm of Dietary fiber per 100gms of serving size, Raisins can speed up your digestion. They can also regulate bowel movements and eliminate unwanted body waste through the excretory system. By flushing out the toxins and restoring only healthy nutrients, Raisins can balance your body mass and lower the risk of being overweight.

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3. Appetite Suppressant:

Replacing your unhealthy midmeal snacks with a handful of raisins can do plenty of good for you. Raisins are low-calorie foods, which contains fruit sugars and Leptin, which can control appetite and regulate your body metabolism. Increased levels of Leptin can decrease your food cravings significantly. Plus, it is also a fat-burning hormone, which can kill fat cells through increased thermogenesis.

How To Use Raisins For Weight Loss?

Now that you have learnt the amazing ways in which Raisins can help you lose weight, it’s time to take a look into some of the popular methods to consume them:

  • Eating raisins soaked in water overnight is proven to help in weight reduction. For this, soak Kismis overnight and eat them the next morning. This is a healthy way to consume Raisins than eating them raw. The unwanted minerals and vitamins get dissolved in the water, keeping only the required nutrients for quick absorption by the body.
  • You can also add Raisins to your salads for some sweet and tangy taste
  • Include a small cup of Raisins in your breakfast plate to feel energetic in the morning
  • Replace sugar with a handful of soaked raisins in your post workout smoothies. This can not only sweeten your drink but also makes it incredibly healthy.

Although Raisins promote weight loss, you must consume them in moderation. Taking them in excess can reverse the benefits and may lead to putting on weight. If you are diabetic or undergoing any chronic illness, it is important to check with a doctor on the safety and suitability of Raisins for you. Also, you must note that Raisins are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, but instead, go hand in hand with them. So, follow these tips and have a hale and hearty life!