Surya Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

Mudras have deep effect on our body, soul and mind. They are known to have the healing properties which not only makes you healthier but also increases your life span. Mudras are known to have natural healing properties which is any day much better than the medicines which we gulp these days. Life has been so stressful at present times that you don’t need to think about your health. Health has like become the last priority these days. And everything else like career, money and all the other materialistic things have become much more important.


So, all this is taking a heavy toll on our health. This is the major reason why there is so much of health issues and so serious diseases coming up. Earlier I am sure anyone would not have even heard of such diseases. So, mudra is a very healthy and sustainable exercise which can bring magical changes to your health. Thus, everyone these days is advising you of practising mudra to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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Surya Mudra -An Overview:

There are a number of important mudras in our Indian history. All of the mudras have got very deep relevance attached to them. They are meant to heal or repair some or the other body parts. Either they heal any body part or they take care of some health issues. Some mudras are also meant to take care of your mental issues too. They are meant to enhance your inner confidence and boost your memory.

One such very important mudra is surya mudra. Surya mudra which means sun is known to reduce the earth element from your body. so, what it does in return is that it increases the fire element within your body. Now, you might be thinking that what can u do with an increased fire element in your body??? Let me tell you what to do with an increased fire element in your body. Fire is like a catalyser. It can boost or i might say channelize your inner body strength. It fastens your entire internal process. It is ideal for those people who are a bit lazy and lethargic. This mudra will definitely fasten them in terms of their activity, pace and everything.

Surya Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits :

Let’s Find Out The Meaning of Surya Mudra:

As you have read before only that Surya mudra is associated with sun. So, it is like a energy booster. But are you aware of one of the other major benefit of Surya mudra. Let me tell you that. Surya mudra is known to be one of the major and vital mudra to aid in terms of weight loss. It is believed that in case you regularly practise this mudra you will be able to enjoy reduced weight within no time. this is very helpful who are looking to reduce weight since ages but are not very successful.

These days there are various health issues as is stated above. Desk jobs are on a rise and physical activities are decreasing like anything. Even the entire process is becoming more and more mechanical. Thus, it is imperative that most of the time you are only sitting on your place. There is no movement and no motion. Sitting in one place and no movement can cause increase in fat deposits. This will make you really fat and unhealthy. And increase in weight can lead to number of health issues. It is observed that obesity is the major cause of health complexities. Thus, there is  an urgent need to check your weight and take care of yourselves before things really get nasty and out of control.

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How To Perform Surya Mudra:

Since by now, you all might have understood the relevance of Surya mudra. We all know how important it is. So, you all might be tempted to do it. but you might be wondering as how to do. Worry not. We will be taking you through the detailed steps of how to perform this Surya mudra.

1. Try to sit in a comfortable position. You can either try to sit in padmasana or the half lotus position. Make sure that you are fully comfortable. Also, sit on a mat not directly on floor. It is believed that if you sit on mat then the floor emits some kind of radiations which is not good for your health. So, simple take a light carpet or mat and perform the Surya mudra only by sitting on that.

2. You can do it in any position you are comfortable with. You can either sit down or you can stand straight. Make sure that you are comfortable in that position.

3. Hold your hands in front of you.

4. Bend the ring fingers of each hand in such a way that the tip of the ring finger should mound your thumb.

5. Now, gently press down your ring finger with your thumb a bit lower.

6. Make sure that the other fingers should be spread out in a straight manner.

That was all about how to do Surya mudra. Isn’t it simple guys???

Surya Mudra Benefits:

Here, we will be talking about the numerous benefits of Surya mudra. We have seen in detail that Surya mudra is really beneficial for both mind and body. let us have a look at some of the brief points covering its merits

1. It produces heat in the body. So, when you are cold in the chilling weather try this.
2. This fastens metabolism in your body.
3. It aids in digestion in your body.
4. It reduces the fat content in your body.

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Surya Mudra Tips And Tricks :

You might be all elated and excited after studying in detail about the Surya mudra. But let me tell you that you can do it all 3 times of the day for 15 minutes each. Make sure you just maintain a gap of one hour before food.