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The 5 Factor Diet

The 5 Factor Diet

The five factor diet is a very simple and at the same time very well-known diet created by Harley Pasternak, who managed to convince celebrities such as Halle Berry, Eva Mendes and Katherine Heigl to try it. In order to create this diet, the famous personal trainer started from the magical number 5.

Therefore, the diet consists of only five small meals per day and 25 minutes of exercising divided into five minute sessions of five separate workouts. Although this diet has been created especially for Hollywood stars who usually have to eat on set and between tapes, other busy people can also try it, as it is said to be highly effective.

By proposing a regular eating program for every day of the week, this diet manages to keep you full and therefore determines you to avoid having all kinds of treats that can make you fat.

Every meal that is included in the five factor diet plan has maximum 300 calories, which is enough to keep you healthy. Additionally, besides the five meals per day, there are also two 200 calorie snacks that you can have daily.

The 5 Factor Diet

As far as the foods that you are allowed to consume are concerned, these are mostly represented by low-fat protein foods, like fish and chicken, but also by healthy carbohydrates like beans and brown rice.

The essential fatty acids are also allowed in the forms of olive oil and rapeseed oil. Combined with the five sessions of daily exercises, these foods will surely manage to help you take down some of your extra weight. Although squeezing five meals and five workout sessions a day seems exhausting, you can take consolation in the fact that you can eat whatever you like one day a week. That is, you get one cheat day.

What is interesting about this diet is that the recipes it recommends seem to also take just five minutes to make. One of them is the broccoli cheddar omelet for which you need one and a half cup of egg whites, three cups of chopped broccoli florets, a quarter of a cup of nonfat cheddar cheese, four slices of toasted whole-grain bread and salt, plus some olive oil. After you cook the broccoli florets, you can add the whites and then sprinkle the cheese on top. You can serve it with toast.

The 5 Factor Diet

Among other five factor diet recipes that you may love there is the mushroom-barley risotto one. In order to prepare it you need three cups of sliced button mushrooms, one cup of nonfat beef broth, half a cup of pearl barley and one cup of nonfat sour cream, plus three ounces of peeled shrimp. In addition, you need some garlic, salt, pepper and dried sage. By using a large saucepan, you must combine four water cups with the barley, the beef broth and the mushrooms. After the liquid is absorbed, you can add the shrimp, the sour cream, the garlic, the sage, plus some salt and pepper.

As you can see, the recipes are not so difficult to prepare. In addition, they include tasty foods that as long as they are prepared properly, can be very delicious. By following this diet, you can even eat pizza, frittatas, egg sandwiches, curried chicken, salmon, sea scallops, and many more, so it cannot hurt giving it a try.

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