Vajra Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

Vajra Mudra is one of the best mudras of yoga hand mudras and it has lot of benefits. Most of the people in olden days practice this vajra mudra and other yoga mudras. Before going to know something about vajra mudra here we give detailed explanation about yoga mudras and importance of yoga at those days.

As we all are well aware that mudra is very significant to our body and daily health system. It is known to improve and heal your body for long term. Many deadly diseases have been treated by mudra. In earlier days where there were no doctors and artificial medicines then people used to believe in yoga and medicinal properties of yoga and mediation. That is the time when these mudras were invented. They were earlier practiced by the sadhus and yogis. But gradually people got attracted to this mudra and they started practising it.

Vajra mudra

But at present times the stress and other factors have greatly contributed to imbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle. And people normally take allopathic medicines for little trouble in health. This has destroyed our entire body and internal system. Thus, in order to improve and heal our already damaged system stress on mudra poses and yoga is again being given. Even doctors today ask people to rely on yoga and mudra poses.

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Vajra Mudra Steps, Meaning And Benefits :

Today we will be discussing about the important points of Vajra mudra and how to perform the vajra mudra steps along with benefits and meaning also.

Let’s Know The Vajra Mudra Meaning :

Blood is a very important constituent in our human body. Most of the internal functions of our body is dependent on blood. How pure and how clear your blood is determines your health status. And in this road to achieve a healthy blood vajra mudra plays a very pivotal role.

Vajra Mudra Benefits :

  • In our body blood circulation is lowered by a number of factors. Be it low blood pressure, dizziness, weakness or surrounding issues.
  • And in order to lead a healthy lifestyle you must have a proper flowing and healthy blood circulation system.
  • Vajra mudra encompasses all the five elements in your body. be it air, fire, earth, water and metal. Thus, a lot of the things is taken care in your internal body system by this vajra mudra.

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How To Do Vajra Mudra :

  • Since we have understood tech significance of vajra mudra. Let’s discuss as how to do this.
    Below are some of the enlisted steps wherein we need to discuss as how to do this vajra padma mudra.

Vajra Mudra Steps :

1. Sit in a fully relaxed position. Yoga or mudra is more of the relaxation thing. You need to cut yourself out of the worldly affairs of the world. Else you won’t be able to concentrate on the mudra. In vajra mudra also you can sit very comfortably either on a light mat or on your bed or even sofa. But the key is that you must be fully comfortable and relaxed. Your mind should be free of any kind of tensions or stress.

2. You need to raise both the hands in front of the heart chakra.

3. Now, the index finger of one hand should be wrapped and enclosed in the fist of the other hand.

4. Remaining fingers should form a fist just below.

5. Right handed people should hold the palm of the right hand to hold the index finger of the left hand.

6. Whereas the left handed people form this mudra with left hand wrapped around the right index finger.

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When And How Much Should You Do Vajra Mudra ?

Vajra mudra should be practiced 3-5 times a day. There is no such specific timing of when to do this mudra. You can do it anytime when you wish. But you must remember that vajra mudra is not that easy to do. It requires regular practice and zeal to do. So, don’t look to excel in vajra mudra right from the first day. Gradually you will start getting expertise in both vajra mudra and it’s benefits.