Important Signs You Are the Other Woman

Important Signs You Are the Other Woman

Does he act strange when he’s around, as if he’s hiding things from you? If you’ve started to suspect that there’s something serious that he’s keeping from you, check out these signs you are dating a married man.

He Avoids Answering to His Phone

Do you want to find out what are the most important signs you might be the other woman? You should start with this one! Does your partner avoid taking calls in front of you? Of course, all people need privacy at some point, however, a relationship should also mean transparency. If your boyfriend avoids answering his phone while he’s with you and finds excuses to take his calls elsewhere, it might mean he has something to hide. So, it would be better to confront him and confess what’s been bothering you.

Important Signs You Are the Other Woman

You Don’t Know Where He Lives

You’ve been dating for several months now but he hasn’t invited you to visit his place. According to specialists, this can also be one of the most important signs of being the other woman. If he always comes to your place but you still don’t know where he lives, it might mean that he has something to hide from you, perhaps another girlfriend. Moreover, specialists add that normally a guy would have invited you to see his place by now, no matter how messy his apartment might look.

You’ve Never Met His Family or Friends

Never meeting his family or friends can be another important sign you might be the other woman. Just think about it, have you talked to his parents or friends by now? Meeting his family is a big step for every relationship, however, it also means he takes your connection seriously. There are also cases when men are afraid of commitments, nonetheless, if you see that things aren’t moving forward, you should invite him to discuss. This way, you’ll know where you stand.

Important Signs You Are the Other Woman

You Meet at Odd Hours

If you’re searching for the best signs you’re dating a married man, you should also take a look at this one. Does he suggest meeting at odd hours and he’s never around to spend holidays together, even when you ask him to? If that’s the case, you might deal with a married man. Furthermore, he might be unavailable or even out of reach for certain periods of time. Follow your instinct and tell your partner that you don’t like keeping secrets from each other.

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