Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Collection

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Collection

Revlon takes inspiration from outerspace for its newest nail polish collection. The Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy collection is ideal for creating plenty of interesting manis this season. The new options are ideal for creating interesting effects which will prove instant conversation starters. The latest line brings no less than ten high impact on trend tones worth indulging in.

The new Revlon nail polishes aren’t your typical plain summer nail polishes. On the contrary, the new Revlon nail lacquers are perfect if you’re looking to make a strong statement in the upcoming season. Each nail polish has two ends: one with a rich creamy shade and the other with an iridescent glittery texture with a fab glittery tone on the other end that creates a covetable holographic effect, which happens to be one of the trendiest alternatives of the moment as far as nail art designs are concerned.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Collection Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Collection

The Revlon nail art duos from the latest collection are: Moon Dust, Galactic, Milky Way, Satellite, Eclipse, Supernova, Meteor, Cosmic, Orbit, Universe. The steps to get the covetable effect are surprisingly simple. According to the label, the first thing you need to do is to apply two coats of the dark base of choice and let them dry completely before adding the glittery tone. Depending on the desired effect you might want to apply one or two coats with the help of the brush tip of the other end. Let the nail polish dry and you’re good to go.

Do these options look the perfect alternatives to complete your new seeason makeover? Then you should know that the new Revlon nail polishes from the Moon Candy collection are already available and retail for $8.99 each. Still, pampering yourself with fab new tones doesn’t have to prove an overly expensive habit given the fact that the brand currently has a get one get the second for 50% off offer. Buy it: Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art (Ulta)

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Collection

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