The Third Trimester of Your Pregnancy

The Third Trimester of Your Pregnancy

The third trimester is the one when you’ll undergo some of the most significant physical changes. Many of the symptoms you’ve already experienced in the second trimester will continue, but this time, at a greater degree.

As your due date approaches, it’s important to pay close attention to your body and report any concerns to your doctor, who will also be examining you more frequently.

Here are some common physical changes you’ll notice during the third trimester: you’ll be gaining 3-4 pounds per month – notice that an overall gain of 25-30 pounds throughout the entire pregnancy is considered a healthy range for both mom and baby.

The Third Trimester of Your Pregnancy

You may experience uncomfortable burning sensation, due to a combination of elevated hormone levels and the pressure applied by the weight of the baby.

Your ankles, fingers and face may swell, but you should contact your doctor immediately if you notice excessive or sudden bloating or weight gain, as this could be an indication of preeclampsia, a pregnancy disorder.

You may also experience sleeping trouble, late-night thirsts, restlessness. Bladder sensitivity and shortness of breath are a common thing also.

By the beginning of this trimester your baby will have all of his/her bones developed. There are exactly 300 bones we’re talking about! Muscle mass is developed and hair is grown.

By the end of this trimester your baby will be approximately 7 pounds in weight and about 20 inches long. You’re about to give birth to your child! Nine months in the womb, day by day, you have developed together.  Have a safe and happy birthing experience!

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