12 Months Old Baby – Weight, Baby Care, Development & Milestones

Wow! Your baby is finally 12 months old. So that means that a lot of changes has started to show up by now in the baby, locomotive changes being one of them. The baby is now officially toddler so expect some more changes when you habituated with the present ones. The baby is eager to move out of the comfort zone by this time and will want to learn new things. Whatever the baby is seeing around him or her is a big question and they are always eager for an effective solution for mental satisfaction. They will be crawling a lot and will dream about walking as well.

12 Months Old Baby Weight

Emotional feelings will be kicking in pretty soon and one of the most important factors responsible for the rapid changes of babies of this generation will the behavior of the parents and family environment including the behavior of the family people towards the baby. Another important change in the baby is that they will be developing new food habits and will be recognizing foods by their color. They can touch and have a sense of nostalgia or old attachment with the old toys and clothes (smart toddlers).

Milestones of Your 12 Months Old Baby :

Let’s see the important milestones of your baby at 12 month.

12 Months Old Baby Weight:

when the baby is finally 12 months old, it is necessary to figure the weight of the baby. Weighing the baby at this stage is extremely important. The baby will weight about 7.8 kilograms. The baby must not weigh over 11.8 kilograms, which is the maximum for the babies of this age. If there are some changes in the steady weight growth of the baby, then it can be said be the time that you consult a doctor.

The weight of the baby is somehow solely dependent on the the things that the baby has been eating. This doesn’t just include the mother’s milk as the baby is not dependent on that for the past 6 months. The foods that generally count at this time are the solid stuffs that the baby has been eating (prescribed by the doctor). Eating intervals and quantity are also variable factors at this point. Another important factor influencing the weight of the baby is the quality of food being consumer by him or her as only the right quality food can make him grow. Serve the baby with branded products only for offering proper growth.

12 Months Old Baby Care:

Baby care becomes a really important issues now that baby has approached the time of celebrating his or her first birthday. This can be a real important issues for the parents as well. The parents should provide with all kids of facilities that will make him or her feel like they are providing the ultimate care and the baby will be pleased automatically. Let’s facet it! Who doesn’t like good things? Another important factor that is an actually an attribute of the baby care is the health care and skin care of the baby. The baby should be kept clean and should be provided with the right quality of clothing that will make him or her feel comfortable.

Another important issue when it comes to baby care is that the baby will be growing a lot quicker than you think, so proper care for installing the right things in him that means teaching and preaching him the right things like how to behave, eat, talk, etc should be adopted.

12 Months Old Feeding:

Feeding has always been important for the babies and nothing has changed. The baby will be bottle fed now and can be provided with cow milk at this point of time. There are, however, certain cow milk that you don’t want to serve the baby food that contain chemical formulas that might be unsuitable for the baby. The cow milk will provide the baby with the right quality and quantity of nutrients required at this age by the baby. The baby will want to feed itself at this age and this should be allowed as it has been proven that parents who allow the baby to fetch themselves (though, they get dirty) have seen improved mind functioning and body development results as well.

12 Months Old Sleep:

Now that the baby is 1 year old, there will be changes in the sleep schedule. The toddlers generally sleep about 2 times during the daylight. This will continue until and unless the baby has aged more two months (i.e 14 months). During thee rest breaks take a short nap as the baby won’t be sleeping for a long time. The baby will wake up and ask for food or entertainment and then you will have to get to work again.

12 Months Development:

Development means results and who doesn’t like positive results? The parents (especially the mother) has worked hard in keeping the baby healthy and promote the growth as well and finally hard work will pay off. The baby will be showing some new signs of brand new activities such as asking to go outdoor a lot and will be addicted to the grass as well. This behavior is quite common in almost all the babies of this age. There will be increased motion throughout the bed during sleepy time and the baby will like to roam throughout the house as well (crawl). However, this change might vary from baby to baby. The baby will be implementing some brain activity as well and this will be good for the mind-opening and learning new things as well.

Foods and Toys:

The baby will be generally be fed with solid foods prescribed by the doctor. The baby will be asking for toys which are colorful and come with beautiful sounds. Learning and educational toys will surely come in handy during this time. Tracking the babies day to day development can be included within the segment of milestones.

The baby has been subjected as the prime element in this article as he or she experiences a lot changes through the course of development. The baby is ready for the celebrating his (or her) first birthday and it is an achievement for the parents as well.