15 Awesome Craft Ideas for Teen Girls 2020

Girls love crafts and they keep doing one or other crafts now and then. There are many DIY crafts for girls which are really easy to do. There are many crafts ideas for girls as well which are easy to make,

Best Craft Ideas For Teen Girls In 2020:

Let’s have a look at some of those Top 15 craft ideas for girls who are in teenage,

1. Slipper Crafts for Girls:

Slipper Crafts for Girls

This is the most common craft that can be done. This is total girl craft which is simple and easy to make. There are many things that can be done with the slippers like you can add buttons or glitters. This one slipper craft will be good choice for your regular use. Use some unnecessary stuff from your home and get useful craft material for your slippers. You will take help from your mother too.

2. Crafted Flowers:

Crafted Flowers

Crafting flowers is another creative girl craft which is done in many ways. You can have paper flowers or cloth flowers. These arts and crafts are frequently made by girls and are a simple craft to do. Those girls who are experienced in handmade crafts then try different types of flower shapes and sizes; it gives nice look on vest too.

3. Wall Decorations:

Wall Decorations

When it comes to wall decorations then there are many options that can be done. In this case you can have a simple cloth decorative item which is not that hard to make. Heart shaped different colored cloth decoration gives cool effect on wall.

4. Dream Catchers:

Dream Catchers

This is the most trending girl craft that is liked by everyone. Making a dream catcher is not that hard and an interesting time consuming activity for girls as well. Girls can hang this on their bedroom door, it gives nice look for door and room too.

5. Cute Bags:

Cute Bags

Another craft ideas for teens are making bag crafts. Every teen might have enjoyed crafting a bag. There are many ways in which you can craft it either sew something on it or stick something. You can sell your handmade bag crafts on any e-commerce store; you can make customers for your craft idea.

6. DIY Mirrors:

DIY Mirrors

It is every girls desire to have a princess mirror. And these are the very common arts and crafts for girls. Just decorate the mirror with anything you like say broken mirrors, buttons, paper cutting, etc. If you have a your favorite small mirror then get some few lace and artificial flowers to decorate your mirror, lace gives catchy look and flowers gives girly soft look to mirror.

7. Paper Jewelry:

Paper Jewelry

These are another common crafts for young girls. Who doesn’t like jewelry made out of paper? I am sure we all must have done this before and pretty much enjoyed it. This one is artificial made so you can use this craft for friends’ parties too; you can make bulk paper jewelries for your friends too.

8. Butterfly Wind Chimes:

Butterfly Wind Chimes

Now who doesn’t like wind-chimes? And there are many ways in which a wind chime can be made. And this is enjoyably made by every girl. This is also being a girl craft item that is too common to make. This one simple art and craft ideas for  teenagers but little tough too, if you have a good creativity then try this pattern of craft for your home.

9. Glass Mosaic:

Glass Mosaic

Glass crafts are amazing to make and are never boring. There are various things that can be done with glass. You can make a photo frame mosaic or a mirror frame itself. You can hang this on wall in your home or you can use this for casual parties, it shine the light in night time.

10. Charm Bracelets:

Charm Bracelets

This could be the most commonly craft made by every girl. Making a charm bracelet is not hard and there are many ways in which you can make it. It is perfect idea of crafts for teens as they kind of love the idea of teen bracelets.

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11. DIY Necklaces:

DIY Necklaces

This is another DIY craft idea for girls who find it difficult to make necklaces. It’s very easy to make and there are various ways in which it can be made as well. You can surprise your little baby girl, this handmade necklace or pendant gives soft look on your kids girl.

12. Woolen Cups:

Woolen Cups

Now this is a bit different kind of craft, it’s woolen. This kind of craft can be made by girls who take some interest in sewing. Those girls who stay in hostel when they get a free time from their studies and other activities that time they can do this type of crafts.

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13. Designer Coasters:

Designer Coasters

This craft is something different and yet creative. It is very useful as well. What you have to do is just paint or stick something on the coasters and there you have all the types of coaster you need. This will helpful crafts while guests comes in home, you will get good comments on your handmade this craft idea.

14. Designer Magnets:

Designer Magnets

Mostly people make fridge magnets and there are various ways in which you can make some. There are designer magnets or simple which everyone you like. These are transparent so little catchy too.

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15. DIY Designer Bowls:

DIY Designer Bowls

This is another cool DIY crafts for teens which is so trending. It can be made very easily and there are tutorials as well for guidance. These look good in dining or hall as a perfect designer bowl. Girls can try this craft by their own creativity and they can use this one for their regular stuff.

There are many girl crafts that can be made some are easy and some are a bit tricky it also depends on what level you want to stretch this. All of these crafts are amazing to make and are best craft ideas for young girls, do try them out.