15 Simple and Easy Plate Craft Ideas With Images

When it comes to crafts then you can craft anything. There are a lot of ideas that can be implemented easily. You can also do crafts with plates, now you might be wondering what you can do with plates. Well, there are many plate craft options that can be done like paper plate crafts, ceramic plate crafts, wooden plate crafts, etc.

Different and Creative Plate Crafts With Pictures:

Let we have to look at the top 15 paper plate craft ideas.

1. DIY Cartoon Plate Craft:

DIY Cartoon Plate Craft

Crafting something for kids is simple and takes less time. Such items which are liked by them should be made first. Well, here I am talking about easy to do plate crafts. This plate craft idea can be made very easily. All you have to do is make a cartoon character that your kid likes.

2. Birthday Plate Crafts:

Birthday Plate Crafts

When it comes to do paper plate crafts then this is the easiest craft that can be done. This craft can be used in theme parties all you have to do is stick or paint whatever you wish to on the plates. Like if you are having a minion theme party then you can arrange some yellow plates and turn them into minions.

3. Animal Plate Crafts for Kids:

Animal Plate Crafts for Kids

Another craft that can be made is the animal plate craft. Using paper plates you can make animals, characters, etc. These crafts are very simple and easy to make. These kinds of paper plate fish crafts can be done at school as well.

4. Personalized Plate Craft:

Personalized Plate Craft

This is the most common kind of plate craft that can be done. Making a personalized plate craft is among them. This can be for anyone you like may it be brother, mother, friend, lover, etc. Let this plate craft be a gesture of remembrance for someone special.

5. Mosaic Plate Crafts:

Mosaic Plate Crafts

There are many objects that can be made out of broken pieces of plate like this one, it looks unique, sharp and something craved out of old. This can be the perfect antique gift that can be given to someone. What would make it more special if it is handmade!

6. Designer Plate Crafts:

Designer Plate Crafts

This is real plate craft that is used to make unique plate crafts. You can make a designer gift from this craft. Try decorating the plate with small pieces of old plates and it will turn the plate into something new. This decorated plate can be used as a piece of art in your art collection.

7. Designer Plate Neck Piece:

Designer Plate Neck piece

Another plate craft that can be crafted is the plate jewelry. Do not worry if you break an antique plate, you can always use it for making jewelry. Yes it is simple and elegant at the same time. You can carve the broken piece into a neck piece or attach them to some bracelet.

8. Mosaic Wall Crafts:

Mosaic Wall Crafts

If you want to stretch the mosaic craft into another level then you can surely do this, decorate the empty wall space with broken pieces of plates. You can carve out something new out of it, something creative, something new and something fresh.

9. Paper Plate Christmas Crafts:

Paper Plate Christmas Crafts

This is the most common paper plate craft that is ever done. Everyone at schools must have crafted such crafts. You can make Christmas trees, hollies, bells and etc. Out of it. These kinds of crafts are common for school craft activities which do not mean you cannot do it at your home.

10. Paper Plate Hangings:

Paper Plate Hangings

Trying to make something creative then you will land up considering this craft idea. Yes you can make paper plate hangings and use them wherever you want to. These can be great crafts for kids. Kids will enjoy while making this crafts, green colored will look good for plate crafts.

11. Quoted Plate Crafts:

Quoted Plate Crafts

This is simple plate craft in which the plate is decorated and a quote is written on it. This can be used as a decorative item in the house. It takes fewer efforts to create one plate and can also be a good gift for someone. You can present this craft o your mother and she will surely put this craft in her kitchen and quotes helps to improve mind inner strength as a motivation so your mother will lose this type of quote crafts idea.

12. Paper Plate Animals:

Paper Plate Animals

What else can be done with paper plates? Of course it can be used to craft out animals out of it. Folding paper plates and crafting animals out of it never seemed easy right? Well, it definitely is! And with these you can make some paper plate crafts for 2 year old as well. Teach your kids with the help of this type of animal plate crafts, kids like to enjoy study in funny way too.

13. Crafted Paper Plates:

Crafted Paper Plates

If you wish to make designs then you can surely do this. Making creative designs on paper plates turns the simple plates into something creative. These can be used as personalized gifts for somebody or can teach some ideas like this to small kids.

14. Paper Plate Masks:

Paper Plate Masks

Yes this is the most efficient way of making a face mask out of paper plates. You can surely make some amazing face masks and can use them for a kid’s party as well.

15. Notes Holder:

Notes Holder

Last but not the least is the paper not holder. It is a very simple craft that holds notes or messages. It is light weighted and can be used a wall hanging also, it would be nice to have a note holder in the house so that all the important conversation is attended.

These are few plate craft ideas that can be done easily at home, school, etc. These crafts for kids and adults as well. Some of them are easy to make and some are artistic and done with perfection.

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