9 Beautiful Beads Craft Work And Ideas For Kids And Adults

Is your kid interested in making something unique! Or are you looking to make something to decorate your place! Here is a great idea to accomplish your artistic passion. Having several unused beads at home! Here is the best way to make amazing beads craft work that would give an aspiring look to your home décor. Wide collections of varieties in shapes, size as well as materials are available for beads craft work, using needle beading can be attached. This bead artwork mostly used by jewellery designers to make a necklace type patterns.

Best Breads Craft Art Work And Ideas:

Here are some lovely ideas to get the best out of the useless beads in your home,

1. Lamp Stand of Beads:

This unique piece of art would definitely add some charm to your decorations. The lamp stand is made with various craft beads forming a covered pattern with place for bulb on the top.

2. Sitting Pineapples:

Want to give your kid a new and unique toy for teaching those fruits and vegetable names! The sitting pineapples are a beautiful way to explain them, made by beads of various colors. You can gift this beads craft to your dear one or you can use them as a showpiece on your TV furniture too.

3. Dolphin Key Chain:

Making key chains has been the best beads craft ideas. By using various colorful beads, one can make key chains like dolphin, elephants, and many more for making a delicate key chain. This one is mostly proffered by young girls for their bikes. Yellow or pink colored beads give a proper finishing.

4. Bead Wind Chime:

Beads art and craft has given a new looked to the bead wind chime. The chime is made with various beads making heart shapes tied up with silk strings to make a perfect chime. You can also add beads to the strings. Hang this craft in hall or kitchen in your house.

5. Pen Box of Beads:

When a pen box is made with a number of plastic craft beads, they give a stunning look to the table decoration. Made out of various colorful beads, they are given tight attachment to make the box strong enough.

6. Beaded Rangoli:

Small beads for crafts are widely used for making lovely Rangoli. With different colorful beads, they are stuck on card paper sheets forming amazing designs. Such decorative bead rangolis are widely used to decorate door steps on Diwali.

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7. Wedding Decoration Vase:

The lovely pearl craft beads when used to make decorative vase, they give an enchanting look. The vase is made using fiber strips on which pearls are added. If you want to add more charm to the vase, add some lighting in it.

8. Bead Necklace:

Jewelry has been the best pony bead crafts that are made using various colorful beads and a star charm at the end. Popular among the kids, the necklace is also worn by the teens in the colleges for a different look.

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9. Glass Candle Pot:

Glass bead crafts have been trendy these days adding a new look to your candle light decorations. The pot can be made using single, dual or various color glass beads for a romantic eve. You can make this by your own and in your free time too.
Bead crafts for kids have been the best way to include your child into something creative during vacations. Giving those bundles of beads along with a pattern to make would help them learn something new.

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