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9 Easy Hat Craft Ideas For Kids And Preschoolers

Hats are cool things to wear on the head. Making these hat crafts are great fun for kids to do. Hats can be done for school days or for home or even for birthday parties. You can do these based on some theme or just what your kids like. You will find many DIY techniques on the internet for you to choose from. Make these with your kids or let them have a go themselves.

Different Types Of Hat Craft Ideas For Kids And Preschoolers:

Try this top 9 hat crafts for kids and preschoolers,

1. Pumpkin Hat:

Pumpkin Hat

This lovely hat craft is great for kids and during the holiday season. The pumpkin hat is made of several pieces of mustard color paper that are glued together. The top of the hat has green paper cut to look like leaves.

2. Cowboy Hat:

Cowboy Hat

Here is a nice cowboy hat for boys that will be loved by them. The cowboy hat is made from a template and is therefore very easy. A yellow badge completes the look. This is a good hat’s for crafts idea.

3. Thanks Giving Hat:

Thanks Giving Hat

Make this wonderful hat craft for toddlers for the holiday season. The thanksgiving craft is made with various colors of paper cut into oval shapes. The hat is then decorated with beads hanging from it.

4. Clown Hat:

Clown Hat

This hat crafts for preschoolers is the best and happiest craft that they will do. The clown hat is made from many bright colored paper pieces. It looks very stunning and makes a good clown hat.

5. Heart Hat:

Heart Hat

Here is a cool heart hat that the kids will love to make. The hat is easily made from paper plates. Color it with red or pink color and then cut out the marked design. This is a wonderful hat craft idea for the kids to do. Young girls also can try this  craft for their evening small parties.

6. Wizard Surprise:

Wizard Surprise

This wonderful wizard hat is full of surprises. The hat is made with bright blue paper and then decorated with stars. This can also be used as winter hat craft for a birthday. You can fill the hat with goodies and chocolates as well. Create this hat craft for your upcoming Christmas too.

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7. Reindeer Hat:

Reindeer Hat

You can make this lovely hat art and craft for the holiday season. The reindeer hat is made from brown paper. The eyes and nose are the center piece. The nose is a little red pompom that looks very cute indeed. It looks funny but catchy hat and will be suitable for kids party time.

8. Pilgrim Hat:

Pilgrim Hat

Make a nice pilgrim hat with a black paper plate and black cone. This paper hat craft is very cool and good looking. The hat can be used for any costume party or a function. This is also a good historical craft idea that you can use to teach your kids about the pilgrim’s journey. You can use customized colors in this craft too.

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9. Beetle Hat:

Beetle Hat

This red ladybug hat is very sweet and perfect for a costume day event. The small hats for crafts are created with paper pieces that fit well on the head. This hat is great for kids to make as well. They will love to decorate the lady bug with black dots. This hat craft will be good choice for your kids.

Hats are a versatile item that all kids love. The hat crafts can be for costume parties, birthday parties and functions. You can have different animal theme hats as well. You can personalize this hat crafts as per your choice or your kid can make a handmade hat craft to giving a present on his or her birthday party. Get few hat craft designs by online search or you can create them using your creativity too.

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