9 Easy Remembrance Day Crafts For Children

Remembrance Day is observed to be on November 11, also known as poppy day, it is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth nations, as a member state since the end of the first world war to remember the member of their armed forces who have died in the line of first world war.

Best And Easy Remembrance Day Crafts For Children:

There are some crafts out there which can be made on this day; some top 9 easy remembrance Day crafts are as follows,

1. Hand Print Craft:

Hand Print Craft

This remembrance day craft ideas made by the handprints that just have to dip your hand in paint then press on a sheet of paper cut out the carving and writes quotes and stick the pappy flowers, made by paper. This is an easy Remembrance Day craft and you can stick the handprint in round shape or any shape you like.

2. Poppy Wreath Craft:

Poppy Wreath Craft

Poppy is the red flowers with black seeds in them, one good Remembrance Day poppy craft is the flower wreath; you just have to make a flower with some red paper sheet you can crush them and make with some black seeds in them made with paper, stick them in a circle and hang them on your door.

3. Vase Remembrance Day Craft:

Vase Remembrance Day Craft

One good remembrance day craft activities, include the flower vase all you got to do is take your glass bottles, left at your home paint them, then make some poppy flowers, you can make with the help of cardboard or paper and put them in the vase, you can also decorate the vase.

4. Bird Remembrance Day Craft:

Bird Remembrance Day Craft

Remembrance day is all about peace, and birds are a sign of peace, remembrance day children’s craft activities are the best you can help your child to make, just make a bird and cut it out of paper sheet then paint it with the red color with some white background.

5. Remembrance Day Key Chain:

Remembrance Day Key Chain

One great remembrance craft is the key chain craft you make the beautiful poppy flower with some cloth material or rubber, carve it out cut it and attach it to the key ring. You can make different style of poppy and keychains are a good thing for Remembrance Day.

6. Cloth Print Craft:

Cloth Print Craft

The unique Remembrance Day craft ideas are the cloth print; you can print the red poppy flowers on a cloth or tablecloth particularly, take a white cloth piece and paint red flowers with black seeds in the center. Or you can get the flower mold from the market and dip them in red color and print on the white cloth.

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7. Ice Cream Stick Craft:

Ice Cream Stick Craft

The great remembrance crafts are the ice cream stick crafts, all you need to do is make some poppy flowers and stick them on the ice cream stick, paint the ice cream stick with green or matching with the flower then stick those flower to clay or some cardboard.

8. Flag Craft:

Flag Craft

Here is one great remembrance craft the flag craft, you can print the poppy flowers on the national flag and hoist the flag at your home on Nov 11 make yourself count and you can make many more flags like these you can also sell them.

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9. Remembrance Day Batch:

Remembrance Day Batch

One new Remembrance craft ideas are the poppy batch you can make poppy flowers and just attach a pin to it so that you can attach it to your clothes; this is a very unique craft that you can make.

There are many Remembrance Day crafts that you can make, it’s just about a day that you have to remember about the war, and all you need to do is make peace and spread peace on this day. This day should be given importance because of its remembrance and you all should spread peace.

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