Body Changes During Pregnancy

Body Changes During Pregnancy

What Happens to your Body During Pregnancy?

What happens to your body during pregnancy is something every woman has wondered at some point or the other. Women who are expecting have had this thought more than others. So here are some of the body changes that every woman experiences during those nine months.

Body changes during Pregnancy

Your breast is probably the first body part to experience body changes in pregnancy as a baby starts growing inside of you. They become large, tender and painful and even the thought of touching them bring the pain. This is the best time to start hunting for maternity bras in your favourite lingerie shop!

1.  How your body changes during pregnancy does not only have to do with physical change alone. The psychological changes are more daunting than the physical ones can ever seem to be. Pregnancy hormones that begin to flow through your system have the capacity to make you break down and cry like a child on the smallest of things. It could be as meagre a thing as breaking your favourite tea cup! So tighten your belts and be prepared to be a mess but the best part is people are still going to love you and find you adorable despite all your cribbins.

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2. Morning sickness is also associated with body changes during pregnancy; to how your body reacts to the changes happening inside of you. Though some women do not feel it at all, others tend to never gid rid of it no matter how hard they try and then at one point after like three or four months, it goes away by itself as if it never happened. In case you are in your early weeks of pregnancy, mentally prepare yourself for a really really long hangover to save yourself from the hazard of the sickness later.

3. Varicose veins is again a very common pregnancy symptom. These are bulging veins in your vulva and at times even in your legs. Cause by additional pregnancy weight, varicose veins can be pretty unattractive to look at. Talking to your doctor about it might help as she could tell you how to sit in a way so as to not exert much pressure on these veins.

4. You must have heard a lot about body changes during pregnancy that leads to a clear and glowing skin. Sorry to burst your bubble but not every woman gets clear and glowing skin when she is expecting. At times, the pregnancy hormones backfire and leave you with a highly sensitive, acne prone skin. There are also instances of discoloration on a face, rashes, and marks. If things get worse, it is best to consult your doctor but in most of the cases, the skin returns to normalcy once the baby is born.

5. Body changes in pregnancy include fluid retention in a body which causes swollen face, hands, and feet. This shows that your body is having excess water. However, do not restrict your intake of water if this happens as that could be detrimental to your health. In summers especially, drink loads of water and consult your doctor if you get swollen hands and feet.

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6. Stretch marks and pregnancy are like long lost sisters! come one and you should potentially start preparing for the other. There will invariably be ugly red marks on your thighs, back, and stomach. Close to ninety-nine percent of women experience stretch marks during pregnancy and it is a very common body change during pregnancy. The best way to avoid this is to apply olive oil gently on the skin from the start of your pregnancy days to keep stretch marks at bay!

7. What happens to your body during pregnancy?  to understand this, you need to have a very clear idea of what goes on inside your body in those nine months. As your baby is growing inside your womb, it pushes against your organs. At times, it may seem that the baby is pushing against your urinary bladder very badly. This increases your urge to go to the loo and at times even leads to increased urination leakage. Even though you seem to run at your topmost speed, you just do not get there in time. This is common in the last few week as the baby positions itself head downwards, ready to come out into the world.

8. Pregnancy also leads to carpal tunnel syndrome when a particular vein in your carpal tunnel swells up because of increased blood flow in the body. There is also more pressure on your hips and pelvic bones and it is normal to feel intense pain in your buttocks that seem to radiate downwards towards your legs.

9. How your body changes during pregnancy is really a miracle! During these nine months, the body is constantly evolving with something new happening each day.  A woman who has had iron stomach all her life will soon experience heartburn and constipation. Indigestion will become a regular feature of your daily life. if you take iron supplements during pregnancy, your chances of experiencing constipation go a notch higher. While you seem to have constipation and heartburn, your craving for all sorts of things will be on the rise. Women are found to crave for things like sand and mud during their baby days. Though there is no scientific reason explaining why women crave, I feel it is perfectly natural to give into your indulgence if they happen to be towards some kind of food because we all have guilty pleasures!

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Pregnancy is one of the best times of your life so enjoy it to the fullest without stressing much about what or how things will happen. Everything will eventually figure itself out and you will soon have your bundle of joy in your arms and the day you do, you will look and realise all the pain you have experienced, all the sleepless nights you lay awake and all the silent tears you shed when your baby was kicking you from within was so worth it. Nothing could have been more fulfilling.