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10 Steps to Get the Body You Want

10 Steps to Get the Body You Want

Getting the body you want doesn’t necessarily mean that you can never eat your favorite dessert again, and that working out has to be difficult, painful or expensive. In fact, the most effective diet and exercise strategy could seamlessly fit into your life. Here are the tools you need, with a lot less effort than you might imagine.

Step 1: Commit to Change

When you’re determined to get in shape, mentally as well as physically, you need to be patient. So instead of focusing on the number of inches or pounds, try this little imaginative exercise: picture yourself the person you want to be, and the body you want to get. Then, put your intentions on a piece of paper and acknowledge the difficult times to come. Meditation has proved to be the quickest way to bring you closer to the best shape you can be.

Step 2: Find Your Motivation

Ask yourself this question: “Do I want to change my body? “, or – better yet – “Why do I want to change?” While answering, look for possible obstacles that might stop you from achieving the body you want. Try to anticipate those moments, and motivate yourself to move forward.

Your goal is to be fit, healthy and happy, but right now those chocolate cookies plead for your attention? Think about the consequence of giving in and how that might affect getting into that gorgeous dress that you’ve always wanted to wear or finally strutting down the beach with a new bikini body.

Also, making your goal public, whether you’re telling all your friends or just a few people, can be a powerful way to motivate yourself and start the road to getting the body you want.

10 Steps to Get the Body You Want

Step 3: Do the Work Consistently

Did you miss your workout today? There’s no need to worry, you’ll bounce back tomorrow. Progress, not perfection should be your main goal. If you work hard and manage to keep your focus 80% of the time, it means that you are on the right track. The other 20% of your time, you’re allowed to be human, which is imperfect. You can achieve consistency by keeping a journal that reflects on your daily routines.

Step 4: Get a License to Chill

Stress, anger, frustration, fatigue, or even depression can make it harder for you to stay focused on getting the body you want. Incorporate yoga or tai chi into your daily routine and you’ll get a big boost in getting the body you want. The best approach would be to take a class, but if your schedule is already busy, you can buy a book or a DVD. The class would provide you with proper instruction, while meeting other people.

Step 5: Put Healthy Food within Reach

One of the best ways to keep healthy eating habits into your life is to put them right in front of your eyes. Literally! This should be an important step in getting the body you want and it should help you raise your fitness standards.

Stock your kitchen with fruits, vegetables, lean sources of proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. The idea is that most people won’t have to avoid any food, and it sure as hell makes it a lot easier to like without any junk food lying around.

Step 6: Form a Strong Support Network

You can double your chances of successfully getting the body you want by teaming up with like-minded people. So whether you want to lose weight or simply stay in shape, social networks will have a huge impact on your behavior. Join a group or an exercise class that shares your live-healthy goals to speed up getting the body you want.

10 Steps to Get the Body You Want

Step 7: Find Time to Exercise

We’ve all heard and made the “I don’t have time” excuse. But most of us don’t realize that it doesn’t take a lot of time to exercise your body a little more than usual. Take advantage of every hidden opportunity to be active throughout the day: take the stairs, walk to work, if possible, play with your children, do a chore at lunchtime. Find something to do each day. This will add to your workout routine and improve your body shape.

Step 8: Stick with a Diet that Works

Find out what works for diet and exercise, and stick with it. A study shows that less food variety was associated with successful weight loss maintenance. Commit to doing two workouts on 4 or more days a week. Pick a healthy meal plan that you love and try eating it every day to start on your way to getting the body you want.

Step 9: Incorporate stretching into your workout

Incorporating stretching into your workout routine will keep your muscles long and lean. In between sets, stretch the muscle and give yourself a perfect posture.

Step 10: Drink Tons of Water!

The last, but most important step in getting the body you want is to stay hydrated and flush out the toxins.

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