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Top 15 Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is quite a delicate period where you need to watch what you’re eating but also eat much more at the same time. This is because firstly your immune system is seriously compromised due to your pregnancy stopping you from eating any and everything that could harm you and your baby. Secondly your baby needs more than the calories that you consume in a day therefore you would have to eat extra to actually provide your baby with the calories that they need to grow in a normal fashion. These two dilemmas contradict each other quite often and not many find the right balance between the two.

This article will help you understand that there are a great number of healthy foods available that can be consumed keeping in mind both the issues of food consumption for a pregnant lady. Given below are a number of healthy food ideas that can help keep you and your baby healthy during the period of pregnancy.

Amazing Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy:

1. Kale Spinach Salad:

healthy pregnancy meals

Kale and spinach are two protein rich foods that can be eaten in compliment to one another providing a great snack or meal for any lady who wishes to eat less but still provide the adequate nutrients for both her baby and herself.

2. Chicken and Mayo:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 2

This is for those times when you are craving for something more wholesome but still need to keep a check of what you’re eating. Try a chicken breast dipped in mayo along with a salad for the best results. Not only is it a wholesome meal but it also is easy to make reducing your hassle by quite an extent.

3. Berry Yogurt:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 3

Yogurt in itself is very good for the baby as it holds a number of nutrients that are quite wholesome for the baby’s growth. Berry yogurt is a tastier version of this wonderful food that can be very wholesome and tasty at the same time. Eat this in between meals to keep the feeling of fatigue at bay.

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4. Apple Juice and Poached Eggs:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 4

This is the perfect health meal for breakfast if you do not want to load up too much on cholesterol or calories. Apple juice is a brilliant source of nutrition for the baby and you as you need the energy to move around and the poached eggs is an excellent source of protein for your baby.

5. Chicken Breasts With Steamed Broccoli:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 5

One of the best meals for you to eat for dinner, chicken breast is a perfect source of nutrition for you and so is the broccoli if boiled and mixed in a proper manner. It is said that dinner should be light during your pregnancy due to overnight fatigue and this is the best light meal you can get.

6. Eggs Wraps With Cabbage and Parsley:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 6

Egg wraps are scrumptious and wholesome to eat and is one of the best snacks you can enjoy during your pregnancy period. You can mix it together with parley to enjoy some of the best healthy calorie rich foods you can get.

7. Poached Pears and kiwi With Yogurt:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 7

Your sweet tooth comes quite actively to life during your pregnancy making you indulge yourself on food that is unhealthy. This is not a problem for the wise though as there are some great desserts you can enjoy which are healthy one of which is poached pears and kiwi which is completely natural and full of nutrients.

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8. Lamb Tenderloins and a Side of Greens:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 8

Very nutritional lamb tenderloin is very soft on the stomach and gives you the necessary calories that you need to stay absolutely fit and healthy. With the side of greens ready to add to the beauty of the dish you can enjoy this for lunch with a side of yogurt for desert for the best results and is one of the most valid healthy meals during pregnancy.

9. White Beans with Mushroom Soup and Cheese:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 9

Another great snack if you are feeling hungry during the day you can enjoy a medium sized bowl of some great white bean and mushroom soup along with some cheese preferably gouda for the best results. It is not only wholesome but full of energy and nutrients for both you and your baby.

10. Crab Sautéed in Honey and Garlic Salad:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 10

Another more meaty salad, a crab salad is not only scrumptious but quite fulfilling as well when your feeling extraordinarily hungry. Try and remove all the shell pieces from the crab and just eat the meat to keep your baby away from harm as the shell is hard and not so easy to digest.

11. Soy Bean and Squash Curry:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 11

Looking for a more zesty meal then this is what you need. Soy bean and squash compliments each other quite well and provides an acidic curry that works well with your daily diet making it a healthy alternative for other more acidic unhealthy foods.

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12. Almond and Oats in Soy Milk:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 12

All the ingredients of this dish are teaming with a number of nutrients and is very rich in protein making it a very wholesome healthy meal for your morning breakfast making it one of the best pregnancy meal ideas.

13. Coconut Water:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 13

Coconut water is a must have during the intervals of the day as it is very necessary to stay cool and calm. Coconut water is a brilliant protector of the stomach and is rich in nutrients for your baby.

14. Chicken Tenderloin Mixed in Butter Baby Corn and Roasted Tomatoes:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 14

One of the easiest yet wholesome dishes to cook when looking to eat something healthy this dish ranks as one of the best of all time when it comes to enjoying some healthy continental food making it one of the best meals for pregnant women.

15. Egg Sandwich With Spinach Parsley and Parmesan Cheese:

Healthy Meals Ideas for Pregnancy 15

When looking for a quick bite to eat this is the best snack to turn to as it is not only scrumptious but also quite filling so when asked about healthy pregnancy meals you know what to say.

Eating healthy is not an impossible feat when it comes to your pregnancy period because there are a number of brilliant and scrumptious delicacies available for your to choose from all of which are extremely healthy.

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