Great Christmas Decorating Ideas

Great Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time to gather your family and friends, spend lovely moments together and open up presents. Moreover, it’s also the time to beautifully decorate your house and be merry.

Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Vintage Ornaments

Vintage ornaments are one of the best decorating ideas for Christmas. You shouldn’t change your ornaments every year. Instead, you can stick to those that have a sentimental value to you. Whether they were offered by your family or friends, these festive pieces will gracefully adorn your Christmas tree and will help create a cozy atmosphere.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas: Bow Wreath

Great Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you’re searching for special Christmas door decorating ideas, you should take a look at this suggestion. The bow wreath is very easy to do and will make your front door look lovely. So, all you need is to glue bows of different colors (you can find them in the supermarkets) to a Styrofoam wreath. Also, make sure to cover the entire wreath form and the sides, as well. source

Great Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas: Create Paper Angels

Homemade paper angels are amongst the loveliest Christmas decoration ideas. If you want to impress your guests this winter, you’ll need the following materials: utility knife, paper plate angels template, decorative hole punches and white paper plates.

Now it’s time to get down to business. Start by tracing a paper angel shape onto the paper plate, then cut it out with a utility knife. Continue by cutting the angel’s wings. Be careful though, as you should cut one from inside out and the other one from outside in. Then, you should embellish the edge of the plate with a couple of hole punches.

You can use these paper angels to decorate the Christmas tree or add them on your festive table, either way, they’ll add a stylish and chic touch to your holidays.

Christmas Door Decorating Idea: Wreath Snow Man

Great Christmas Decorating Ideas

Take a look at another special Christmas door decorating idea! If you want to welcome your family and friends with a special Christmas ornament, get three wreaths of different sizes, hang on top of each other and fix them with red ribbons. Then add a couple of accessories, such as a scarf and Santa’s hat. You’ll certainly be delighted with the result! source

Christmas Decoration Idea: Homemade Mistletoe

The holidays are also about kissing under the mistletoe. And you can easily recreate this Christmas decoration idea at home. Just make sure to gather these materials: red ribbon, one sheet of green felt, pearl embellishments, fabric pencil and fabric glue.

Firstly, draw a couple of mistletoe springs that you’ll use as templates. Next, you should place your templates over the felt and trace around them using a marker. Cut out the felt shapes and arrange your mistletoe springs the way you like. Then glue the parts that overlap.

Great Christmas Decorating Ideas

Now it’s time to arrange the pearls over your fabric, so that they resemble clusters of mistletoe berries and glue them. Define your homemade ornament with a beautiful red ribbon tied around the stems. In the end, hang your decoration above the door and prepare to welcome your guests. source

Lovely Decorating Idea for Christmas: Christmas Lanterns

Great Christmas Decorating Ideas

You should definitely check out one of the loveliest Christmas decorations ideas. If you want these holidays to be unique, you should buy a bunch of festive lanterns of different colors and sizes and place them at your entryway. You can focus on green, red and yellow ones, festive colors that will match your indoor decorations. And don’t forget to buy candles to embellish your Christmas table.

Interesting Christmas Decorations Ideas: Create a Fruit and Greenery Arrangement

Here’s an interesting Christmas decorating idea! If you want to opt for an arrangement that will last all holiday season, you should take a couple of vases and fill them with lemons, limes and red holly berries. Then top each vase with greenery stems and displace your beautiful ornaments around your home.

Great Christmas Decorating Ideas


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