Top 16 Tourist Places To Visit In Amritsar

Amritsar is one of the most beautiful sight seeing attractions in the state of Punjab. Every year it attracts a lot of tourists and has been eligible enough to emerge as one of the tourist hotpots of India. Amritsar can be well summed up as a place which has both traditional and historical blend more because of the role it has placed in the freedom struggle and being the home to eminent freedom fighter Udham Singh. Amritsar is also known as Ramdaspur and is commonly known as Ambarsar. The city is well connected by road as it is connected by the Grand Trunk Road and also has a railway station. The climate of Amritsar is mostly semiarid and the best time to visit is October.

Amritsar Tourist Places To Visit With Pictures:

This article have been formed a list of best and beautiful tourist place to visit in Amritsar which are highly well known and have been visiting by the most of the tourists.

1. Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib):


The Golden Temple also known as the Darbar Sahib has been built by Guru Arjun, the fifth guru of the Sikhs. He also completed the holy book of the Sikhs the Adi Granth which till date is kept in the Gurudwara. The Golden Temple has four doors that leads inside which signifies the secular nature of the Sikh religion. The Golden Temple has been named so mainly because of its golden dome structure. It is said that the Adi Granth is kept in the temple during the morning hours and during the night it is kept in the Akal Takht also referred to as the ‘Eternal Throne’. The Akal Takht also houses the ancient weapons used by the Sikh warriors. The Gurudwara offers free food to around two thousand people every day and the count reaches one lakh during festivals. The Golden Temple can be visited at any hour as it remains open throughout the day.

2. Wagah Border:


Wagah border happens to be the only road border between India and Pakistan. The border has derived its name from the village Wagah through which the border runs. Eventually the village was a part of Pakistan but post partition the eastern part of the village lies in India and the western part remained in Pakistan. The border lies on the Grand Trunk road and attracts thousands of visitors regularly because of its ceremonial retreat. The hoisting of the national flag by both the nations and a parade is organised regularly. Patriotic music is played and people dance to its tune celebrating Independence. Wagah border is situated 28 km away from Amritsar and is a very nostalgic experience. This is one of the best sightseeing tourist places to visit in Amritsar.

3. Jallianwala Bagh:


Jallianwala Bagh is a public garden situated in Amritsar which played a very important role in the freedom struggle of India. The place is famous because of the mass massacre under the orders of General Dyer. Innocent people through all ages were cruelly killed by ten rounds of non stop firing. There lies a wall which has bullet marks engraved in it till date. There is a memorial well inside the garden where people jumped in order to escape the firing. The place also has a Martyr’s gallery which preserves various articles and weapons used during the massacre.

4. Akal Takht:

The Akal Takhat Sahib (The Throne of the Almighty, The Immortal Throne) is the hub of the Sikh polity, and part of the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) Complex. The Akal Takht Sahib was revealed by Guru Har Gobind Sahib on June 15, 1606. In 1606, the building of the Akal Takht Sahib was a one-storied structure. The foundation stone was laid down by Guru Har Gobind Sahib himself and the whole of the structure was constructed by Baba Buddha and Bhai Gurdas. Only the highest respectable and enlightened Sikhs were allowed to participate in the process of the building of the Takhat Sahib, ordinary personnel or the masons were not allowed to participate in it.

The Akal Takht is also referred to as the ‘Eternal Throne’. It is located within the Golden Temple and was built by the sixth Sikh guru, Hargovind Singh. The Akal Takht is believed to be the most supreme out of the five Takhts, the others being Keshgarh Sahib, Patna Sahib, Hazur Sahib and Damdama Sahib. During Operation Blue Star the Takht was severely damaged due to the Indian army storming the place.

5. Durgiana Temple:


Durgiana Temple has got its name from Goddess Durga and is also known as the Lakshmi Narayana Temple. The temple is located near the Lohgarh gate. In the year 1908,  following a similar pattern to that of the Golden Temple the Durgiana Temple was built by Harsai Mal Kapoor. The temple has few historical temples like that of Sita and Hanuman. The temple is also known as the silver temple because of its carved out silver door. Most of the other tourist places in amritsar it is also one the best.

6. Ram Bagh:


Ram Bagh is also known as the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Garden. The garden was initially called the Company Garden but Maharaja Ranjit Singh changed its name to Ram Bagh to pay his respect to Guru Ram Das who is the founder of the city of Amritsar. The garden was the summer palace to Maharaja Ranjit Singh and is built in the style of Shalimar Gardens located in Lahore. Ram Bagh has been re framed as a museum on the 400th birth anniversary of the city of Amritsar. Three dimensional photo montages depicting the life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh is shown in the museum.

7. Ram Tirath:


Ram Tirath temple is located on the Chogawan road in Amritsar and historical religious stories are attached to it. It is believed to be the place where Ramayana was written and also the place where Sita and Ram’s twin son were born and raised by saint Valmiki. The temple has a holy tank attached to it and it is believed that a dip in it is sacred and pious. This is one of the most beautiful amritsar tourist places which can give very peaceful time.

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8. Mata Temple:

Mata temple tourist places

The Mata Temple is located in the Ranki Ka Bagh area in Amritsar. The temple is believed to be sacred and is visited by women who want to be pregnant. The temple was built in adaption of the Vaishno Devi Mandir in Katra. It is seen that the place is visited by thousands of people every year especially during the time of festivities.

9. Faridkot Fort:


The Faridkot Fort is one the many amazing places to visit in Amritsar. It is situated 30 km away from the city of Ferozepur and is said to be built by ancient rulers which dates back to 700 years. The main attraction of the fort is the Sheesh Mahal which is built out of mirrors and never fails to mesmerize anyone.

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10. Gobindgarh Fort:


Previously known as the Bhangian Da Kila, the Gobindgarh Fort dates back to the year 1760. The fort represents a square pattern and was built out of bricks and limestone. After the fort being annexed by the British army it was renovated with new inclusions like the Darbar Hall, Hawa Mahal and Phansi Ghar. Gobindgarh fort is one of the best tourist places to visit in amritsar.

11. Jama Masjid Khairuddin:


The Masjid is renowned because of its artistic beauty. Located near the Gandhi Gate and the bazaar this Masjid is very well connected to the city. The Masjid gets crowded with people especially during the hours of namaz.

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Other Places To Visit Around Amritsar:-

  • Samadhi of Guru Angad Dev Ji
  • Khoo Kalyanwala
  • Historical Banyan Tree

Places nearby Amritsar:

  • Tarn Taran Sahib
  • Phu Kanjari

12. Tempio d’oro:


This is one of the best places to see in Amritsar. The place is filled with religious wonders and one will have a wonderful time here. Here, one can see the real dedication of the Sikhs towards their religious guru or God. One can learn a lot about the Sikh culture from this place as well. It is one of the most exciting places for tourists who come to India to get to know about the cultural background of the Indians. Private tour facilities are available in this place and the fact that how beautifully this historic place is maintained is quite amazing. There are many nearby restaurants here which offers delicious food and will almost persuade one to go and eat there.

13. Theater And Performances:

Here is an amazing entertainment center in Amritsar which can be said to be one of the most effective places to have fun and roam around in the beautiful city of Amritsar. One can have tons of fun here, as there are almost numerous places for recreational activities. The place is filled with exciting tons of wonderful options for tourists. People from almost all around the world and neighboring continents come here to visit this place and it can be claimed to be one of the best places to see in Amritsar.

14. Tarn Taran Sahib:


This Sikh temple is yet another amazingly beautiful pilgrim spot in Amritsar. The place is beautifully made and can be said to be one of the best places to visit in Amritsar. The place is suitable for people of almost all ages. The Sikh temple is filled with white and and golden colors which is basically white paint and gold (on the top). The place is quite amazing and will obviously keep people motivated and allow them to have faith on their religion. There are a lot of Sardars and when they visit the place together and play, it becomes a subtle site to watch at.

15. Pul Kanjari:


Here is yet another beautiful place to see in Amritsar which will allow the people to have a wonderful view of the historical significance of Amritsar. The place is often visited by people from all over Punjab and India as well. The place is located almost 36kms away the Amritsar-Lahore road. One will have a lot of fun when they visit this place one out of the best tourist spots to visiting in amritsar. The weather here is pretty comfortable and there is a lot of conveyance facility from here to other places and vice versa. There are many nearby villages in this place as well and this becomes a really beautiful sight that people can watch.

16. Khalsa College:


This phenomenal place is a wonderful sight to be visited in Amritsar. The college is really popular. Rather, it can be said to be one of the most popular colleges in the city. There is a particular department in this college which resembles the Sikh History. Here, you will find documents and other interesting things. Here, you will find proofs of some research work as well which are extremely exciting and one will have a really great time working on them and this will be a beneficial and knowledgeable time killer for them. People from all over Indian love to come here and it is extremely exciting to be here and spend some quality time in this wonderful tourist sight.

Here are some of the best tourist destinations in Amritsar. The places has been selected and the list has been created based in the feedback of the people who have visited the places. Only the positive responses were taken under the purview while making this list and it has turned out to be a list containing the top15 tourist destinations in Amritsar.