9 Best Proven Face Packs after Bleach In India

9 Best Proven Face Packs after Bleach In India

Bleaching your skin for a fairer complexion sounds nice but do know the consequences it can give to your skin? Some might get rashes and some might get extremely dry skin. Wondering what to do? Well, here are some remedies that you can do. The possible solution for this is to apply a face mask. There are various types of face packs after bleach that can help you get rid of the current situation.

Best Face Packs After Bleach In India:

Let’s see which face pack after bleach is best to make your skin glow and preserve the moisture in them,

1. Sandalwood Mask-After Bleach:

Sandalwood Mask-After Bleach

The face needs moisture after bleach the best way to give it moisture is a face pack. This is a homemade face pack after bleach. All you need is rose water and sandalwood. Mix rose water and sandalwood powder and form a paste. Apply on face and let it sit for few minutes then rinse with water. This is the best face pack after bleach of your skin.

2. Strawberry Face Mask:

Strawberry Face Mask

Fruits are known for their antioxidant properties. These can be good for the skin in many ways either you consume them or you use them. A strawberry face mask can be beneficial for skin. This is a homemade face pack after bleach all you have to do is mix 2-3 strawberries with 1 spoon of honey and fresh cream.

3. Turmeric and Curd Face Mask:

Turmeric and Curd Face Mask

Turmeric has a lot of healing powers it can be consumed and applied as well. Bleach leaves your skin dry and sometimes may give rashes as well. All you need is some turmeric, yogurt and honey. Mix well in equal quantities and apply facepack after bleach on face. Let it dry and then rinse with water.

4. Khadi Orange Lemon Face Mask:

Khadi Orange Lemon Face Mask

Applying orange and lemon face mask after bleach may reduce the dryness caused by bleach. All you need is a face mask that soothes your skin. Apply this as per the directions mentioned and see the result instantly.

5. Fruit Face Mask:

Fruit Face Mask


If your face is rashes by bleaching then a solution for your face can be fruit face masks. You get many ready made face packs after bleach in the market. Choose one and use it according to the directions mentioned.

6. Lotus Tea Tree Face Mask:

Lotus Tee Tree Face Mask


Tea tree also has antioxidants that repair your skin and nourishes it. To add moisture to your skin after bleaching all you need is this face pack. Apply on face and leave it for few minutes as per mentioned in the directions.

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7. Orange and Waterlily Face Mask:

Orange and Waterlily Face Mask


Orange has many benefits when it comes to apply it or to consume it. You can easily get this face pack and apply it after you bleach your face. As it is important to add moisture to your face and this face pack will help you to do so. Apply the face mask as per the instructions mentioned. It leaves the skin soft and smooth.

8. Rice Face Mask:

Rice Face Mask


Rice can also help to tighten your skin. Yes, it is used to add glow, moisture and strength to your face. There are many rice face masks available on the market. Pick this for best result and apply it on your face.

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9. Clay Face Mask:

Clay Face Mask


There are various types of clay that can be used on face after bleach. Using a clay and clear the skin and make it soft. Bleach doesn’t soften the skin it only makes it glow. To add moisture to the skin you can use either a homemade face pack or purchase it from the market. The clay used in this mask contains minerals which lighten and soften the skin.

If your skin burns after using bleach or feels dry then you can use some of these remedies. These tips will help you get your moisture back. Whenever you bleach your face make sure you use any of the above remedies to get that softness and glow.

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