Top 15 Nail Polish Design Ideas

It’s quite difficult these days to choose only one from a wide variety of products especially when opportunities like discounts and buy one get one comes handy any day. Now the present day market is far from being monopolistic and a lot of newer brands with definite ideas have cropped up to the scene.

Nail Polish Design

These brands are not soft in their appeal as they vehemently try to portray their best side in the world of competition. There’s a new line of clothing accessories that was launched some days ago and right about an week later, a new brand of clothing to complement the accessories were announced. Nail colors and paints are no less.

Often we women, being the busy bees that we are completely forget about our nails as we go about the day trying to perfect our hair and clothing. But it’s true that a girl in one of her day offs will surely feel more relaxed if she just spends some time in front of the TV doing nothing much, just painting their pretty nails in even prettier colors. Now a days there are lot many newer sections of colors that we have not yet ventured out into before and then there are our all time favorites which we would like to stick on to. In today’s article we talk about the various beautiful hues you can sport in your nails.

Stylish and Beautiful Nail Polish Designs with Images:

Let we have to look at the best Nail Polish Designs.

1. Nude Pink Gloss Nails:

Nail polishes of your choice 2

Now nude nails are the new talk of the fashion industry now and here we have the best kind where the nail color is sober at its best but not transparent. Yet at the end of the day the smooth blending nude color with a slight hint of pink sweeps us off our feet. What makes this more better is the perfect glossed up look of the nails. This is a perfect nail for the summers paired in with light summer dresses and a straw hat.

2. The Shady In Grey:

Nail polishes of your choice 3

Whosoever said grey is a dull color never has experienced this color before. The nails here sport a very mellow bluish grey in a matte hue but it is this very look of the nail that makes us fall for this look. It is deep and meaningful but not too deep to be boring. It is outstanding in terms of a cool fashion but not too loud so that you can wear it to anywhere and everywhere.

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3. Coffee At Its Best:

Nail polishes of your choice 4

Now this color is made of coffee bean extract hue and who doesn’t like a steaming hot coffee to be the next fashion statement for this season. Here the coffee color is extremely mellow, too much like the prior one and here too we see calmness and soothing look to the nails. Usually a coffee color even if it’s dark gives off a nice feel and here when mixed with a sudden softness, the look goes overboard. The soft gloss on the coffee adds a body to the look.

4. The Neon Blue:

Nail polishes of your choice 5

Fun is the new theme for this summer and with the various new bright eye popping colors creeping up to the scene it is best that you follow the trend and opt for one. This is a neon popping color in sea green or bright blue which gives your nails a perfect makeover for the summer’s beach look. The other neon color for this summer is the soft green or the frosted nude look all of which goes so well for the summers.

5. The Midnight Look:
Nail polishes of your choice 6

This is yet another heart melting color and this time in the darkest shade possible. The hue here is a pure black and unlike the other blacks where you would still find a hint of deep blue, this black is a lone ranger sporting the best color. The lustrous shine from the inbuilt gloss makes the look all the more awesome. Pairing this with deep accessories will definitely give you a wonderful feel to the look.

6. The Glitter Bug:

Nail polishes of your choice 7

You can always opt for glitters when it comes to making the look loud enough for a party. Now these glitters here come in a soft cream gold look and the texture to the nail paint is indeed a sight to behold. Unlike the usual this is not the glossy kind but rather the bump and grind kind. However, this is not the only kind of glitter that you get. There are a lot of different glitter works that can be found, some in shades of gold and the others in silvers which looks equally ravishing.

7. Royal Delight:

Nail polishes of your choice 8

Pair it with a soft cream blouse or a simple black dress, this color never seizes to amaze us. The shade is called royal blue and the hue looks perfect for both formal and informal events. This is one of the richest shades that we have come across this season where the blue in its dark yet attractive taint looks handsome on your nails especially during the day when the richness of the color can’t be unnoticed.

8. The Voguish Purples:

Nail polishes of your choice 9

This one right here will set all the records straight with its awesomely glossy texture if not the color alone itself. This is a perfect purple in shade with the best of the glosses integrating to form one of the best nail pain colors ever. You can always pair white or sober accessories with this look to make the nail color more evident.

9. Petite Periwinkle:

Nail polishes of your choice 10

Much like the royal blue, the periwinkle too has a very beautiful relation to the family of the blues where these color is one of the most sober candy colors that can be used to give your nails a new look. The color is soft and shiny at the same time giving off a very candy good look. Pair this either with a dark or a light hue for a summer time look. Periwinkle is one of the latest new colors which is not too loud for a good look but not too mellow for a sober look as well.

10. The Mad Matte Black:

Nail polishes of your choice 11

Here we have yet another hue of black but this time the color is more precise. If we look closely this mad matte look has a deep blue look to it which is matte and looks handsome. The use of a sparkle nail right in the middle makes the look all the more alluring however while you opt for this nail paint, the sparkle is not mandatory.

11. Rose Gold:

Nail polishes of your choice 12

Rose gold is yet another new hue that they are sporting this season where a peach rose color gels in with a soft glossy gold and we are left with one of the best hues. The color is feminine enough to sport on a formal and informal event and the use of gold adds a slight nude touch to the look. This too is a handsome color for the summers.

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12. The Classic Red:

Nail polishes of your choice 13

Let’s all face it, we have all had our days when red was our favorite color and no matter what occasion we went in for, red was the only hue we would paint in our nails. Now here we got one of the classiest classic red color that comes with a gloss factor so that your nails can look glam even after days. The nail paint is soft in look but at the same time intimidating and loud for anyone to notice.

13. The Velvety Violet:

Nail polishes of your choice 14

We have had purples and periwinkles wooing us, but what takes the crown is this lustrous deep violet that resembles to a velvet alike in its soft gloss form. Being a dark color with a rich hue, the violet does look impeccably fashionable. The best part to this look is the softness of the red undertones in the sunlight and the deepness of the color during the dark shades that makes us fan girl over this hue.

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14. The Metallic Overload:

Nail polishes of your choice 15

To get this look start with a base coat of a metallic color. The color used as the base is extremely handsome with a soft feminine touch to it. It is more of a teal and metal mixed with soft lavender undertones and on top of this the slanting down metal color in deep gloss makes the nails look ravishingly awesome. Use the nail strip to add the distinction and then remove the strip once done.

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15. Silver With Soft Grey:

Nail polishes of your choice 16

This time the grey is different. It is sober, it is lustrous and it is the new shiz of all. The color looks extremely beautiful since it breaks the common saying that a grey is a dull color and can never be happening. Here is the perfect example proving it wrong but what adds a hint of happening to this nails is the silver manicure tip which is filled with minute molecules of gloss that makes the entire ordeal look so very fashionable and trend setting.