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Salma Hayek Talks Skin Care with Latina November 2020

Salma Hayek Talks Skin Care with Latina November 2020

Proud Mexican beauty Salma Hayek sat down with Latina magazine and talked about skin care and the loves that have shaped her life. The Mexican beauty recently launched her own beauty line Nuance, and because at 45 years Salma looks absolutely stunning, everyone wants to know her secret.

Looking as amazing as ever, Salma Hayek reveals that she has not turned to Botox for help yet and that she puts her trust into her skin care creams. Celebrities are no strangers to plastic surgery and Botox injections, but according to Salma the wrinkle-vanishing injections, Botox, give her the ‘heebie-jeebies’. She told Latina in an exclusive interview that:

“I have no Botox. The thought of a needle coming to my forehead, it really gives me the heebie-jeebies. So I’d rather put on my creams. It’s fun, it smells good, and it’s relaxing.”

Salma Hayek Talks Skin Care with Latina November 2020

However, the actress does state that she doesn’t rule out the possibility of turning to Botox later in life. Salma has been the face for various renowned cosmetic labels and it seems that this has influenced her into turning her attention towards beauty products, and with hard work and dedication she managed to create her own line. She tells the magazine that:

“At the time I wanted to do the beauty line I didn’t know how, but I never stopped trying to learn. It’s not that I said, ‘I’ve gotta do this no matter what.’ It was like, ‘I know how to act. I don’t know how to do this other thing, but I think I could.’ So I studied, I paid attention, I asked a lot of questions, I investigated each product. And then, in time, it came.”

Salma recalls that it wasn’t all the time that she looked younger than she actually is, but that when she was younger people always thought she was a few years older, that until she was 25. Since then people always said she looked much younger than her real age. She says: “When I was 16, I looked 19. When I was 19, I looked 25. But I got stuck on 25 – thank God! – until I was 35. So that was good. But it’s also important to take care of your skin because if you’re not careful, one day you’ll wake up and a spider will have taken over your face and you’ll be full of lines.”

On her life philosophy, Salma Hayek, who is married to French businessman François-Henri Pinault and with whom she has a four year old daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, says that: “To be your own woman, you have to question who you really are and what it is you really want – and you have to have a level of acceptance of what you can do. The things I expected of myself when I was 20 did not happen, or did not happen the way I imagined they would, and it’s okay. Let’s just take this one day at a time and do the best that I can and be grateful for the things I do have.”

Find out more about Salma Hayek in the next issue of Latina!

Photo courtesy of Latina

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