9 Cucumber Side Effects of Overdose Consumption

9 Cucumber Side Effects of Overdose Consumption

Whether you have it in salads, sandwiches, pasta’s, or even just have them after seasoning and grilling them, cucumbers have been loved for a munch. But do you know that there are various cucumber side effects of eating? Yes, just as it is filled with various nutrients, it also has specific side effects too on the health.

Disadvantages of Cucumber:

Here are the majorly experienced cucumber side effects of overeating, these are the common disadvantages of cucumber.

1. Increase in Urination:

Increase in Urination

This is among the popular cucumber side effects. Cucumber is diuretics naturally. Having cucumber increases the production of urine in the body. Again, an excess of urine leads to dehydration.

2. It Comes with Toxic Element:

It Comes with Toxic Element

Have you ever experienced a bitter cucumber? The reason behind its bitterness is an element known as cucurbitacin, which is a high-level toxic compound. As it is toxic, it is among the various disadvantages of cucumber, leading to both mild and serious health issues.

3. Bloating and Indigestion:

Bloating and Indigestion

Does eating cucumber give you burps? This can be one of the common sea cucumber side effects. The cucurbitacin present in the cucumber leads to indigestion that further results in the stomach pain and bloating. In serious conditions, too much of cucumber consumption can also lead to diarrhea.

4. Allergic Reactions:

Allergic Reactions

If you are looking for side effects cucumber juice, allergic reactions can be one of the reasons. There are people who have faced reactions like itching, swelling of face or mouth, throat infections, etc.

5. Can Put Your Kidney on Risk:

Can Put Your Kidney on Risk

90% of the cucumber is water. One of the cucumber water side effects is that it can be risky for your kidney. Having too much of water from cucumber would create a pressure on the blood volume and then to the blood vessels and the heart which can damage the kidneys leading to imbalance.

6. Excess of Vitamin C:

Excess of Vitamin C

Shocking, but that’s true. The list of cucumber disadvantages also includes the amount of Vitamin C obtained from it. The excess amount of Vitamin C in cucumber brings properties like pro-oxidant and anti-oxide with it, which increases the chances of issues like acne, cancer, premature aging, etc.

7. Harmful for The Renal:

Harmful for The Renal

The sea cucumber extract side effects include hyperkalemia, which happens due to the immense presence of potassium in the body. This can also lead to other conditions like abdominal cramps, bloating, intestinal gas, etc.

8. Can be Risky for The Heart:

Can be Risky for The Heart

As mentioned above, cucumber comes with a good level of water, which increases the pressure of the blood volume. The pressure then increases to the blood vessels and the heart. This can cause serious damages to the vessels.

9. Lead to Gas Troubles:

Lead to Gas Troubles

One of the side effects of eating cucumber at night includes gas troubles. Cucumber comes with cucurbitacin, which leads to situations where the digestive system fails leading to flatulence and bloating. This also increases the chances of having gas.

Cucumber no doubt comes with a number of benefits; it similarly has some side effects too, which should be remembered. It is hence advisable to have cucumber in the moderate amount to obtain the benefits it comes with. As per our nutrition diet, we can recommend our nutritionist for proper regular meal diet, including cucumber is not bad but maybe sometime peoples are facing skin irritating or rashes issue. We can avoid such type of problems with the help of a diet consultant.

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