9 List of Foods That Can Cause Constipation in Adults

Constipation has become general in each and every person. Everyone is suffering from constipation because of modern lifestyle. From normal simple food people have switch to junk foods in their daily routine. Children are habituate to eat junk foods only. Even youngsters don’t like simple food. They want something new every day. The main cause behind constipation is dietary change only. When you don’t include fiber rich food in your diet is a wrong diet. Always have food full of nutrition and proteins. Over eating of caffeinated products also harms our digestive system.

9 List of Foods That Can Cause Constipation in Adults

Your diet directly affect in having easy or hard passage of stool in the morning. When you don’t drink plenty of water, ignoring nature’s call and having passive lifestyle are the cause for having constipation. Also when you take medicines for any other disease can be a reason behind constipation.

Foods That Cause Constipation List:

Here is list of foods which can be the obvious reason behind constipation are:

1. Unripe Banana:

Unripe Banana

Bananas contain lot of fiber to relieve constipation. But unripe bananas can cause constipation. Unripe or green banana can surely cause constipation because it is having lot of starch which becomes hard to digest.

2. Caffeine:


Caffeine affects the digestive system of human body in many ways. If you get much caffeinated drinks, it can cause diarrhea. Caffeine can stimulate the colon in body. It absorbs much fluid which makes the stool dry.

3. Gluten:


Gluten is one type of protein which is found in wheat. Wheat is used for regular use. It does not cause constipation to everyone. Some people have allergies of wheat so it can result into constipation for them.

4. White Rice:

white rice

From white rice husk, bran and germ are removed which causes constipation. Instead of white rice, you can use brown rice. Brown rice contains all content which helps to relieve constipation. There is not fiber and proteins in white rice.

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5. Red Meat:

Red Meat

There is high fat and iron in red meat which is hard to digest for a person. It is better to avoid red meat because it slows down the digestive system of a body. Too much iron can cause constipation.

6. White Bread:

White Bread

White bread can cause constipation because it does not fiber. While whole grain bread can help relieve it. Products made up of white flour can also cause the same. Foods made up of white flour are heavy on starch.

7. Alcohol:


Like caffeine, alcohol can also cause constipation. Alcohol can dehydrate and slows the digestive track. It irritates the bowel movement which causes constipation. One should limit the intake of alcohol to avoid constipation.

8. Chocolate:


Chocolate possess large amount of fat that can slow down the digestion process. According to a research in Germany, chocolate caused constipation to many people. Chocolate can slowdown the muscle contraction and disturb bowel movement.

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9. Some Supplements:

Some Supplements

In order to stay healthy, some people take iron and calcium supplement. These supplements can cause constipation. If you are recommended to take this supplement, you should add more foods with fiber in your diet.

This are only few yet there can be more foods that cause constipation. It varies from person to person that from which food a person is getting constipated. Not having enough quantity of water can also cause constipation. Therefore, it is necessary for a person to avoid such foods that cause constipation and live a healthy life. Always follow strict routine and simple food to have uninterrupted passage of stool.

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