9 Simple and Best Kegel Exercises For Men

Exercise has been a very necessary factor in our lives today and is required to stay fit and healthy. To maintain a healthy body, it is necessary that you workout out your entire body. In today’s world, there is an exercise for basically everything. So here we provide some easy and best kegel exercises for men – which works effectively.

If you have a solution for a flat tummy and a solution for back pain, then you have a solution for your private parts too. This is what we termed as kegel exercises which focuses mainly on nothing but your private parts. The best part to kegel is, no one has to know what is going on down there. To learn and carry out effective kegel exercises are given in detail below.

Best Kegel Exercises For Men:

Here are our 9 simple and effective kegel exercises for men. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Warm-Up:

Warm up

To start doing a very effective kegel exercise, you must first warm-up, but this does not mean anything strenuous because no kegel exercise will require excessive physical strain. Warm-up doing some casual freehand exercise before moving onto any kegel exercise.

2. Basic Kegel:

kegel exercises for men2

The basic kegel exercise which requires only the basic contractions and relaxations is the first step of carrying out an effective kegel exercise. Lie down on your back and keep your spine and legs straight. The neck should be aligned with the spine and start the contract and relax routine.

3. Burst Mode:

kegel exercises for men3

Burst mode comes after the start-up exercise and requires you to contract and relax for one second before repeating the process. The entire exercise must be done by focusing on the genital muscles.

4. Endurance Mode:

kegel exercises for men4

The next step comes after the burst mode and is a more difficult process because it now requires you to contract for 8 seconds which is quite difficult for a beginner and then release for 4 seconds. You must repeat this four times for a successful kegel exercise.

5. Repeat Daily:

kegel exercises for men5

All the kegel exercises mentioned above must be carried out daily so that your genitals are always in good shape. If you are having any problems in your urinary tract, the kegel exercise will work well to rid you of this troublesome problem. Repeating the process daily will ensure that you do not face any problems with your genitals in the future.

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6. The Serpent:

kegel exercises for men2

The serpent is a very popular kegel exercise and involves the use of your bottom muscles to improve bowel movement and shape of the bottom. The serpent must be carried out every day to achieve the best results possible.

7. The Pelvic Tilt:

kegel exercises for men7

The pelvic tilt comes after the warm-up exercise and can be done immediately so that the pelvic muscles are remaining strong and dominant. Sometimes pelvic muscles get lethargic and thus require a good pelvic exercise to remain strong.

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8. Urinary Exercise:

For men, it gets quite easy to do a kegel exercise by urinating. When urinating try and stop the urine, if you can successfully stop the urine without holding your breath or tensing your abdominal muscles, then you have successfully found this muscle.

9. Repeated Exercise:

kegel exercises for men4

To achieve a good amount of kegel exercise daily carry out the first five steps effectively and you will never suffer from any genital problem pertaining to urinary tract problems or anything else of the sort though it is very necessary that you locate these muscles first before you carry out any kind of exercise. A kegel exercise is a more recent addition to the exercise family, but it still holds its ground as important.

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